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Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 05 The Silver Briefcase (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
05 The Silver Briefcase
June Date: Tuesday, 30-Dec-14, 8:29 PM | Message # 16
Bee's Knees
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I agree with you, Ivana. Abbott rocks.
beautyfulbabyboy Date: Wednesday, 31-Dec-14, 0:33 AM | Message # 17
True Blue
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wow, I´m just thrilled!

My very first thought was like something´s different here!
second thought Is it even The Mentalist or did I open the wrong file?!
3rd: Do I have a problem with my Sound system?!!

And then, what a relieve, I realized it was episode 5, under Simon´s direction - OF COURSE this is different and it´s only the fan that causes the distracting noise!

Great job, Simon!!! hands

I very much liked this episode, especially the confession scene and the "curiosity-killed-the-cat" paper inside the briefcase. Yes, and I had a big smile about the idea of Jane and Lisbon and bee-keeping "who doesn´t like honey?" haha

It was fun to see Wiley and Vega together.
And Abbot - I just love him more and more each episode! Thank you, Mr. Dunbar!

I am very happy with this last episode in 2014 and look forward to what there is to come next year.
marta75 Date: Wednesday, 31-Dec-14, 11:12 PM | Message # 18
Rip Snorter
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This episode is very high quality. All the actors played very well thanks to Simon. Wiley and Vega dynamic is excellent. For me the core of the story is "there is no absolute truth" (a bit like Kurosawa's Rashomon) and it's beautifully written and filmed. I look forward to watching the first movie of Simon !
kim Date: Thursday, 01-Jan-15, 4:06 PM | Message # 19
Bee's Knees
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Here's a fun review of this episode from Tv fanatic.
PJaneloke Date: Saturday, 03-Jan-15, 6:04 PM | Message # 20
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I have been "spoiler free" for the past three episodes...not by choice- out of country, no I didn't know this is the episode directed by Simon.
Honestly I've been kind of disappointed in S7 but this episode hooked me on since the first short. I was so impressed by it and thought which new director did they roped in to do this and only found out Simon directed it on this site. It is tight, it's edgy and yet having all the TM Classic elements in it. I really really LOVE it. Definitely my favorite this season, so far.
kim Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-15, 0:05 AM | Message # 21
Bee's Knees
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BTS for 7.05
angel Date: Wednesday, 18-Mar-15, 9:05 PM | Message # 22
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wow what a episode. Simon always delivers. This was fab right down to the new music score. Everyone of the team did a fab job.

aaw love how abbott gave the duo the backing and the fist jab with him and jane was so cute. Cho who deadpan look at the detective and that he did not want to be there.

The funniest scene had to be when cho jane vega discussing the case n jane tells her the next time wylie looks at her she to wave him over. Wylie cracked me up but he found the husbands mistress and the look on his face when he stared at all the african art. Priceless. Vega and wylie make a great duo and loved the scene in car when they are trying to find where the clothes were dumped.

But the trap at the end was brilliant and when they showed the flashback to the killing and left it with the audience has to decide who really killed his wife was a fabulous touch. . Bet that was simon idea.

The end with vega and wylie wanting to know what was in the silver briefcase and jane an lisbon looking when they did and it was the note Curiosity Killed The Cat was fabulous. There was just so much to like and the directing and acting was first class. So enjoyed this episode
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