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Tuesday, 23-Sep-14, 9:20 AM
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TheBakerBoy is a frequently updated fansite, with an active community of people who primarily admire Simon for being a very talented actor and director, and a committed family man.
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    Episode 7.06 'Green Light' written by Alex Berger
      Added by: coral | Date: Yesterday

    Hey Baker fans! Please read this thread and join in! Thank you!

      Added by: Tanja | Date: 19-Sep-14

    Simon Baker helps wife with a cast on her foot

    new photos

      Added by: syriana13 | Date: 18-Sep-14

    In Case You Missed It

    Filming on 7.05 'The Silver Briefcase', directed by Simon, started on Wednesday or Thursday. Tim Kang described the episode as 'Fun!'

    7.04 is now called 'Black Market' (previously 'Pink Rocks')

    Australia's R U OK? Day 2014 released a new video clip of Simon.
    The Video Library entry has been updated and links replaced to earlier clips which had been deleted:

      Added by: Fran | Date: 15-Sep-14

    Vote for Jane & Lisbon in the 2014 @CBS Fan Awards!


      Added by: beautyfulbabyboy | Date: 13-Sep-14

    Simon Interview with Franck Ragaine (Tele-Star) - now on YouTube

    I have put the last 3 interviews (all filmed last Dec I think) together - nothing new - just easier to watch! - See Video library.....

      Added by: Thrill | Date: 13-Sep-14

    The video of the last scene of S6 ep22 "Blue Bird" (entitled The Mentalist - The Kiss) has reached more than 500 000 viewers on YouTube!
      Added by: DS_Pallas | Date: 11-Sep-14

    Starbucci posted some new/old BTS pics with Simon

      Added by: Tanja | Date: 04-Sep-14

    Title 7.05 'The Silver Briefcase'

    written by Jordan Harper, directed by Simon

      Added by: Fran | Date: 03-Sep-14

    Simon interview by Franck Ragaine on Telestar
    (as posted by 258pce in the forum

    (3:45) Interview Part 1

    Update: (4:01) Interview Part 2

    DailyMotion video links in Comments.

      Added by: beautyfulbabyboy | Date: 02-Sep-14

      Added by: Fran | Date: 28-Aug-14

    Simon's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video

    Instagram & youtube links in Forum:

      Added by: Fran | Date: 19-Aug-14

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