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AgentM Date: Thursday, 03-Apr-14, 7:44 PM | Message # 46
Bee's Knees
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Wow, just read it. Even though I don't necessarily agree with the shipper line of the story, I love the insight into each of the characters' thoughts. cool
marta75 Date: Thursday, 03-Apr-14, 8:34 PM | Message # 47
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I agree with you Hayseed and DS Pallas. Idan is one of my favorite fan fiction writers.
Mossibecca Date: Thursday, 03-Apr-14, 9:22 PM | Message # 48
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I enjoyed that, thanks for posting
tentooed Date: Friday, 15-May-15, 2:49 PM | Message # 49
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Hi guys, I wrote a Mentalist fanfiction. It's a post-White Orchids fic and a very fluffy one. I will really appreciate reviews. Heck, I'll appreciate if any of you read it at all.

Cheers! biggrin
DaboGirl Date: Tuesday, 11-Aug-15, 7:40 PM | Message # 50
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Recently discovered Archive of Our Own. Lots of new stories (to me) and one shots.

Seems some of the more edgier stories are on that site.
ruuger Date: Wednesday, 12-Aug-15, 10:34 AM | Message # 51
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I'm glad that more people are discovering Archive of Our Own. There are a lot of writers who only post there, and I sometimes feel like I'm the only one leaving them reviews smile

Oh, and I recommend signing up for an account even if you only want to read fic, because Archive of Our Own allows writers to hide their fic so that it's only visible to signed-up readers, so if you're browsing it without an account, you're missing a lot of fics.

Quote DaboGirl ()
Seems some of the more edgier stories are on that site.

Yeah, there are no content restrictions on AO3, unlike, so some writers post their explicit fic there and only the fanily friendly stuff on

(technically most of the mature stories on are against that site's posting rules, and in danger of being deleted if the site moderators notice them)

edit to add:

Archive of Our Own actually has fanfic about many of Simon's characters:

The Mentalist

Land of the Dead

The Guardian


The Devil Wears Prada

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Wand6122360 Date: Wednesday, 12-Aug-15, 1:15 PM | Message # 52
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Thanks for the info, Ruuger. Sad but true.... I am still so missing The Mentalist and Simon Baker. Fan fiction is helping me "survive".

Message edited by Wand6122360 - Wednesday, 12-Aug-15, 2:51 PM
DS_Pallas Date: Wednesday, 12-Aug-15, 1:22 PM | Message # 53
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Thanks ruuger for the links to The Guardian and other fics about some involving some Simon's characters… I knew about the "TM" section on Archive, but not the others.
redbird Date: Wednesday, 12-Aug-15, 2:00 PM | Message # 54
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I never thought that I'd ever read fanfiction but once I read one story, I couldn't stop reading. One of the things that I love most about fanfiction is that it keeps the characters alive even after the show/movie has ended. Mostly I read The Mentalist but I have read fanfiction for other projects but the fanfiction writers have so absolutely nailed the characters from The Mentalist that it's by far my favorite. It's a great opportunity to see new ways of seeing each episode, how Jane & Lisbon's life progresses after the end of the show and it's also wonderful to see them in AU situations.
DaboGirl Date: Monday, 17-Aug-15, 8:35 PM | Message # 55
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Thanks ruuger for the heads up on other Simon character based stories.

I love Smith so I'm excited to check that out as well as Land of the Dead. Still haven't finished all of The Guardian (got caught up in a re-watch of The Mentalist) so don't want to venture there yet to avoid spoilers.

Written a story or two for The Mentalist that are more explicit so might publish it over at Archive.

Message edited by DaboGirl - Tuesday, 18-Aug-15, 8:37 AM
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