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01 Nothing But Blue Skies
DS_Pallas Date: Friday, 21-Nov-14, 1:01 PM | Message # 31
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Very interesting excerpt.
It seems Lisbon is goinn to push Jane into his corners in terms of communication and openness in their "new" relationship… Go girl! happy

And their acting is just perfect.

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June Date: Friday, 21-Nov-14, 4:52 PM | Message # 32
Bee's Knees
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I agree with you DS, their acting is perfect. I'm sure the complicity they have in real life is going to be very meaningful this season. I look forward to seeing more scenes like the kiss scene in Blue Bird.
amanda Date: Friday, 21-Nov-14, 9:45 PM | Message # 33
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Thank you Kim for the link biggrin
DS_Pallas Date: Tuesday, 25-Nov-14, 11:14 PM | Message # 34
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Nothing but Blue Skies - TM Premiere CBS Promo

Jane and Lisbon decide to keep their new relationship a secret from their colleagues as they investigate the murder of an undercover agent. Also, young, ambitious agent Michelle Vega joins the team, on the seventh season premiere of The Mentalist, Sunday, November 30 at 9/8c. Only CBS

YT link :

They don't even say "The Mentalist is back". Just "Simon Baker is back"… wink

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amanda Date: Friday, 28-Nov-14, 6:00 PM | Message # 35
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I just watched the 1st episode.

Wow ! It's too nice to see the team again. I loved the last scenes with Pike and the old car. hands
beautyfulbabyboy Date: Friday, 28-Nov-14, 7:15 PM | Message # 36
True Blue
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ooooohhhh!!!! I must confess: I watched it, I know I shouldn`t, but I couldn´t resist and so I did and now I am close to burst because I shouldn´t tell anything about it - Sorry, but IT IS JUST SOO GOOOD!!!!

I must say, they really did a great job again, I enjoyed the whole episode!

-Cho gets hugged by Jane and SMILES!
-Lisbon finds the origami-swan in her pocket and SMILES - Jane SMILES back
-Wiley recognizes the newbie and doesn´t SMILE
-Jane is gonna "nail" the suspect - hence the hammer
-"where is Jane?" - "gone to " "where is Lisbon?" - "gone for a walk." "imagine that!"
-Jane fakes the unconcious-reaction-tricks made me SMILE
-poor Pike is really sooo sad - I believe Jane that they didn´t intend to hurt him...
-And what DOES Jane in fact HAVE in plan for Lisbon? A lovely car! Makes Lisbon SMILE!

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bee Date: Friday, 28-Nov-14, 7:16 PM | Message # 37
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Have watched the episode and here are my thoughts....if you don't want to know the outcome please don't read!

I thought it was a great first episode. Two crimes that were connected ie the stealing and selling of guns to drug dealers, the murder of an undercover FBI Agent and the abduction and killing of a 12 year old boy 15 years previous. Jane solving both cases using all his old tricks in his inimitable style was great to see even to the point of riling the FBI Agent in charge of the case. No change there!

I loved the slow and gentle approach with Jane and Lisbon's relationship which is true to both their characters. They both seem a little shy and embarrassed together and I loved the sitting on the porch scene. Not sure about Lisbon wanting to keep their relationship a secret though as I thought Abbott and Cho already knew! As far as keeping it a secret, I thought Jane gave the game away completely as he could hardly contain his happiness especially remarking to Cho "Give me some sugar baby" and giving him an almighty hug! So obvious! We did see Cho smile though which was a bonus! Jane's happiness shone throughout.

I like Michelle Vega although she has a lot to learn about Jane's ways and I think Wylie is smitten with her. She reminds me of Van Pelt when she was a rookie and also of Lisbon in her CBI days when she tackled that suspect!

Felt a little sorry for Pike until he asked Jane what plans he had for Lisbon and intimated that he (Jane) had nothing to offer Lisbon whereas he had offered her a home and children if she wanted them. I thought Jane was truthful when he said he hadn't thought that far ahead. Overall I thought Pike was concerned about Lisbon and he even wished her well. (Blake Neely excelled himself here).

Jane admitting to Lisbon that Pike had asked him if he had a plan for the future was nice (he didn't keep it to himself as in the old days) and it seems he has turned a corner to be truthful to her. Jane admitting to Lisbon that he didn't have a plan saying "I don't....I think we know what feels right and I think that should be our guide" was honest of him. I think they are still a little scared of their feelings (especially Jane) and unsure of how to relate to each other. It's all so new for them.

Loved the scene with the origami swan and the vintage car at the end. It's these little moments that are true to Jane's character. He's obviously in love with Lisbon and likes to surprise her. I also noted that he's STILL WEARING THOSE BLINKING SOCKS! tongue

Can't wait for the next episode.
DaboGirl Date: Friday, 28-Nov-14, 9:39 PM | Message # 38
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I watched it on YouTube. I gave into temptation.

LOVED IT. Lisbon and Jane are so cute together and don't know how they think people will miss their love for each other.

Vega was OK have to see where they take her character. Cho was great as always. Abbott keeps getting g better and better.

Season 7 for me was off to a good start.

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marta75 Date: Friday, 28-Nov-14, 9:41 PM | Message # 39
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Beautiful episode enlightened by subtle moments shared between Jane and Lisbon. Good moments too with Cho, Vega (her character is powerful), Abbott, Wylie. Very revealing and moving scene with Jane (how he looks awkward) and Pike. I was pleasantly surprised by Robin Tuney playing Lisbon in love with softness and lightness while Jane is a bit shy. Too bad there is no kiss even surreptitious. But for that it seems we must wait two more episodes tongue
Ivana Date: Saturday, 29-Nov-14, 3:57 PM | Message # 40
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I have only one coherent coment on the episode for now

redbird Date: Saturday, 29-Nov-14, 7:43 PM | Message # 41
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I must confess that I too gave in to temptation - I went to youtube and watched the first episode. I couldn't wait until tomorrow night. All in all, I thought it was a good episode but it wasn't a great episode. The case of the week wasn't strong and that's not going to please those viewers who were concerned that the final season was going to primarily focus on Jane and Lisbon and not on Jane's unique way of solving crimes. Here are some of my thoughts about the episode:

- Felt a bit sorry for Jane when Lisbon told Abbott she didn't know where Jane was. It seemed like she was ashamed of being with him.
That said, I do understand her reasons for wanting to keep her personal life private.
- Loved when Cho talked to Lisbon about not moving to DC and not marrying Pke.
- Loved the origami swan.
- Hated Jane's first meeting with Vega but liked the phone conversation that they had that clarified her background.
- Loved that Abbott knows that something is going on between Jane and Lisbon.
- Thought the Jane/Pike meeting was interesting. Loved that Jane seemed flustered and a bit unsure of himself.
- Thought Lisbon's reaction to and dismissal of Pike was strange. The only thing that Pke did wrong was that he wasn't Jane.
- Hated the vintage car despite the fact that I understood why he did it. It was a gesture that didn't work for me.
- I'm not a Jisbon fan but have embraced that that is where the show is going. That said, I loved the chemistry between Jane and Lisbon in
this episode. Jane looks like he's walking on air - he's almost giddy - and Lisbon can't keep smiling. They seem at peace.

A good start to the season. Looking forward to episode 7.02.

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flynns1 Date: Sunday, 30-Nov-14, 0:12 AM | Message # 42
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Good Episode Really Enjoyed It. Simon & Robin Have Such A Good Relationship That Can't Help But Shine Through. I Prefer The Aproach Of Little Glances ,Touches, Smiles & Token Gifts, Than A All Out Snog Fest Everytime There Together I Dont Believe That Would Be True To The Characters. As There Still Getting To Know One Another Romantically The Go Steady Approach Is Far More Romantic Teasing & Pleasing. Can't Wait For Next Week
KathyF Date: Sunday, 30-Nov-14, 1:38 AM | Message # 43
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I'm very tempted to sneek a look, but I'm very leery of any of those download sites..I get a virus vibe from them....
Mcbabsi Date: Sunday, 30-Nov-14, 1:32 PM | Message # 44
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I LOVED the new episode!
It had all the ingredients - a good story, great "Patrick Jane" moments and lots of great things happening between Jane and Lisbon.
I am looking forward towards more of this stuff. Bring on Season 7!

My favourite line, however, was: "You know what they say about Karma?" - "It's a bitch"...
DS_Pallas Date: Sunday, 30-Nov-14, 5:22 PM | Message # 45
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Quote Ivana ()
I have only one coherent coment on the episode for now

Ivana… Exactly! tongue

Thanks to CTV, it seems a lot of us have given way to Temptation and already watched the premiere. I did.
Loved it.
The most striking thing for me is the way they have pictured the Jane / Lisbon relationship, and I'm convinced they have totally nailed it.

No need for kisses, bed scenes, and all romantic clichés you see on most shows.
What happens between those two characters on screen is subtle but speaks volumes!
Excellent writing, and (again) hats off to Simon and Robin.

And the mischievous Mentalist is back with his old tricks. It's a treat.

If you haven't seen this episode, whatever spoilers you've seen or read, you'll still enjoy it, I swear!

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Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 01 Nothing But Blue Skies (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)

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