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Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 07 Little Yellow House (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
07 Little Yellow House
June Date: Tuesday, 20-Jan-15, 1:15 PM | Message # 16
Bee's Knees
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Quote kim ()
My disappointment came at the end when she said "it" and they didn't at least hug or kiss. What couple has ever said those words to each other and not embraced! Shipper, non- shipper, doesn't matter. It's what we do as humans when we love someone else.

Good point, Kim. There is an interesting discussion in some forums about that, the way TM team has chosen to show the love between Jane and Lisbon, now that they are a couple. I don't know, sometimes I miss some kiss, some hug, something more physical. But on the other hand, I appreciate the freshness of this idea, different, mature, not like the most shows. About the last scene, I said it was touching and sweet but, you're right, probably it could have been more romantic. What do you think?
Wand6122360 Date: Tuesday, 20-Jan-15, 2:11 PM | Message # 17
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I can't deny that I would like to see a bit more kissing. On the other hand, their scenes together are amazingly intimate, and I'm guessing might be difficult for a lot of co stars, who aren't good friends, to achieve. I'm glad that the show is doing things differently... It helps it stand out above the crowd.
Tina Date: Tuesday, 20-Jan-15, 2:27 PM | Message # 18
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They are both still very shy with each other, it's a strange situation for both. Jane hasn't been in a relationship for over 10 years, and I think except with his wife he hasn't had much relationships at all, and Lisbon has a lot of issues too expressing her feelings. It was always only about work for her.

I sure prefer it like this because I wouldn't like it if they act like teenagers in love, kissing and hugging all the time. I like these quiet simple things that show how much they love each other. Not much words or gestures needed. Of course ... a bit more would be nice. But maybe it's coming. Still 6 episodes to go.
sylvia5993 Date: Tuesday, 20-Jan-15, 5:01 PM | Message # 19
Bee's Knees
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I do love the way he puts his hand on her back as they walk together, intimate in a way but still not openly revealing. Maybe a touching of fingers and quiet smiles allowing for a promise of private displays. After all , they were on the bed in the mobile home. I thought it was wistful when Patrick admitted that he had never lived in a house growing up, as though he envied Teresa, and she didn't respond, too many bad memories and the drawings in her closet where she might have hidden away from quarrels.
kim Date: Tuesday, 20-Jan-15, 5:28 PM | Message # 20
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I also appreciate the subtlety that the show is using when showing the relationship between Jane and Lisbon. I re-watch episodes just to catch all of the looks that pass between them and small asides from Jane. I just think that at the end of 7.07 it would have been entirely natural for them to have kissed and or hugged each other. I am a fan of Jisbon, but I don't want the teens in love bit like Tina said in her post. I think that the TM folks are walking a really fine line and doing it very well.

I smiled when Jane was walking out of the FBI office and he put his hand on Lisbon's back and then quickly looked around to see if anyone saw him do it. At this point though it seems like only Cho and Wiley can possibly be in the dark about them.
angel Date: Friday, 03-Apr-15, 11:48 AM | Message # 21
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This was a immensley enjoyable episode. Loved Lisbon family and how throught the episode we get to hear how Lisbon saw herself why she left them and how they see it and the strong bond that emerged.

Brilliant start with vega and the balancing act. I am so loving her character and i know at start we kept hearing about possible cho n vega but to me vega and wylie is just so real and innocent and adorable and they are a great double act.

Loved how all the team were quick to jump in and help Lisbon family. How Jane takes her brother aside and tells him that he knows the real story and he can solve the case so he does not have to be a witness. Man he has the gift of the gab. And he comes thru.

My fave scene was the lovely cover by vega and wylie as a couple attempting to bug the room to use in poker game. The way they faked a argument was such fun and loved the spanish touch by vega. Fabulous.

Funny how janes plan to get in on the poker game did not work and turns to lisbon to put on her charms to pull it off. Classy lady. Her yet again psychic scene was brilliant. She really is enjoying that. Jane rubbing off.

The end sting of catching the killer was absolutely brilliant and i would never have guessed the killer. One of the best stings the show pulled off.

The ending with Lisbon family and jane playing with the baby was so beautiful and the end with Lisbon saying I Love You was a fitting end to a absolutley fantastic episode. Now one of my faves. Great team effort
DS_Pallas Date: Friday, 03-Apr-15, 12:37 PM | Message # 22
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Agree with you Angel.

And this ep shows a very rare thing: Lisbon letting Jane in, I mean she always had walls around her to protect her privacy, especially against nosy snoopy Jane.
Here, she let him help her, let him step in her relationship with her brothers.
The only other time she allowed that was in "Red Badge" (S2 ep 3), when she reluctantly let him hypnotize her to prove she's innocent…
kim Date: Friday, 03-Apr-15, 2:10 PM | Message # 23
Bee's Knees
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Angel- this is also one of my favs from season 7. I was just thinking of re-watching it yesterday! This will be a go to episode for sure if I need a little PJ fix.
DaboGirl Date: Monday, 06-Apr-15, 9:44 PM | Message # 24
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I love everything about this episode.

Love when Jane asks her if she wants him to go to Chicago and he declaration "then we will do it together". Lisbon still had her walls up not wanting to bother Jane with her family trouble. He on the other hand thought of them as a couple ready to share her problems.

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