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Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 04 Black Market (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
04 Black Market
Tina Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 2:28 PM | Message # 16
Fair Dinkum
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Even Lisbon has a short part in this episode bee.

Yes I would love to know about Jane's father and mother. I wonder if we will ever know ...

I don't know why it seems to be less Jane than in any other season that they knew it would be the final one ...I really don't understand this.
They focus so much on all the others instead of on the one who is most important: The Mentalist! That's what the show should be about. The others are just supporting.
But this season it seems they are all equal ..
I really enjoy this season and I'm grateful we got it, but ...I want Jane, and only him!
redbird Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 2:40 PM | Message # 17
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After 3 episodes I really wasn't getting what TM team was doing with this final season. Then I watched the 4th episode and I think I've got it. This is an encore season - something that doesn't happen very often in television which is probably why what we're watching seems so different. Season 7 is wrapping up the stories of all of these characters and it's showing us how much they've changed and how much they've grown over the years. Think back to season 1 - now look at what we're seeing in Season 7. Who knew that Cho would turn out to be such a strong and capable leader? Who knew that Lisbon would be able to run her own con with Jane standing - or in his case, lying down - in the background only there to guide her? Who knew that Jane would become a kind and patient partner? Who knew that Lisbon would be able to tear down the walls she's spent a lifetime building around her to let herself be vulnerable? Who knew that Jane would be willing to work as part of a team rather than as a star of the show lone renegade? Think about it - these first 4 episodes of the season have all been about teamwork .........

Like many, I, too, would love to be seeing more of Jane but now that I think I've figured out what this season is about, I'm okay with where we're going. If I'm not mistaken, next week is the episode about Abbott and his past - then at some point we'll get to the episode about all of Lisbon's brothers and the episode that includes Jane's carny friends.

By the way, this was my favorite episode so far this season ........ good stuff in it.
DS_Pallas Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 2:47 PM | Message # 18
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I agree with you redbird. It's nice to see more into Abbott's life, focus a bit on Cho etc… Everyone is getting some attention. I'm OK with all this.

And I thought this ep has really great shots, a very good filming. The plot could have been more exiting though.

Now you said it Peithon, it's obvious why there's less Simon, because he prepared his director job for the episode 05.
kim Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 4:14 PM | Message # 19
Bee's Knees
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I think you are probably on to something Redbird. The unifying theme is the teamwork. The other thing that I noticed is that everyone gets to try new roles and tricks with the exception of Wiley. Cho is still spot on, even as the undercover fiancé. He had some classic Cho lines in this one, like the "Do you think I'm stupid?" exchange with the jeweler. I loved the throwback to the trust falls. I immediately saw in my mind Lisbon falling and Jane catching her. Simon as sick Jane is adorable of course. Who wouldn't want to bring the man soup! Honestly though I thought that too much time was spent on the Abbott storyline. As Tinamarianne said, this is still The Mentalist and I wanted more Jane. Would it have killed them to let Lisbon snuggle a bit or even stay in the airstream? Throw us a bone people!

That being said I am very excited about seeing the Simon directed episode next. I am sure there will be some great shots and hopefully more Simon on film.

Message edited by kim - Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 4:17 PM
Tina Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 5:01 PM | Message # 20
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I would have loved to see the scene when Lisbon comes to the Airstream and Jane explains anything to her.

I too thought sick Jane was sooo adorable. And I loved the close shots of Simon.

But even if Simon had to prepare for his episode ...just not enough Jane for me. Guess I'm too much a Patrick Jane fan to see anything interesting in the other stories ...for me this show was always about Jane, the reason why I watch TM and now especially with so few episodes left's even more important to see him and not the others.
Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 04 Black Market (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
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