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Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 04 Black Market (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
04 Black Market
Fran Date: Monday, 25-Aug-14, 11:55 AM | Message # 1
Fair Dinkum
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04 Black Market (previously called 'Pink Rocks' and 'A Hint of Yellow')


“Black Market” – The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm his wife’s chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington, D.C., on THE MENTALIST, Sunday, Dec. 21 (9:30-10:30 PM, ET/9:00-10:00 PM, PT), on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: Can Jane solve a murder w/out leaving the office? Even sick, criminals R no match for #TheMentalist 12/21 9:30ET/9:00PT http://bit.ly/11VYMdX

Simon Baker (Patrick Jane)
Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon)
Tim Kang (Kimball Cho)
Rockmond Dunbar (Dennis Abbot)
Joe Adler (Jason Wylie)
Josie Loren (Michelle Vega)

William Abadirq (Jacques)
Devon Barnes (Wren)
Courtney James Clark (Dixie)
Will Green (Kirk)
Leonard Roberts (Elon)
Christine Adams (Lena)
Rene Rivera (Josef)
Nicole Shaloub (Lupe)
Jeff Branson (Walker)
Claudia Christian (Greta)
Amelia Rose Blaire (Bibby)
Larry Clarke (Bob)
Brian Houtz (Man)
Dinora Walcott (Mary Kate)

WRITTEN BY: Tom Donaghy
DIRECTED BY: Michael Nankin
DS_Pallas Date: Thursday, 28-Aug-14, 12:36 PM | Message # 2
Fair Dinkum
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No real spoilers here below… but some info about Donaghy & Nankin

From Carter Matt blog: ‘The Mentalist’ season 7 spoilers: Talking about ‘Pink Rocks’


Regarding the title meaning, Matt sounded ignorant… like us.
So I did some search and apparently (well I'm not an expert tongue ), part of the methanphetamine you can found is pink.
Crystal meth can have colour variations, due to differences in the chemicals used to produce it and in the expertise of the cooker. "High purity methamphetamine crystals or coarse powder ranging from translucent to
white, sometimes with a green, blue, or pink tinge".
So the title could refer to a drug case.
redbird Date: Sunday, 07-Sep-14, 1:08 AM | Message # 3
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I read somewhere today on the internet - sorry, I don't remember where - that the title of Episode 4 has changed. It is no longer Pink Rocks but no new title was given. According to the article, all episode titles are subject to change and the show will no longer be releasing episode titles.

Maybe someone can confirm this?
kim Date: Sunday, 07-Sep-14, 1:20 AM | Message # 4
Bee's Knees
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I have read the same thing today Redbird about the episode title changing. I could not find the new title either. On twitter jordan harper made a comment about the name changes and so did Karl. It sounds like they have been all told to hold off on releasing episode titles for now.
DS_Pallas Date: Thursday, 11-Sep-14, 11:49 AM | Message # 5
Fair Dinkum
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"According to guest star, “Pink Rocks” was changed to “Black Market”, which was 704.

Source https://twitter.com/jeffbranson/status/509761329365020672

Message edited by DS_Pallas - Thursday, 11-Sep-14, 11:52 AM
kim Date: Friday, 12-Sep-14, 4:28 PM | Message # 6
Bee's Knees
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"Black Market" sets a different tone for the episode than "Pink Rocks".
Fran Date: Wednesday, 26-Nov-14, 0:03 AM | Message # 7
Fair Dinkum
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1st post updated with Press Release
kim Date: Monday, 15-Dec-14, 4:21 AM | Message # 8
Bee's Knees
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Just watched the promo for this episode; Jane is sick and Lisbon plays the psychic! This should be fun biggrin I haven't found a clip to upload yet but I will keep looking!
kim Date: Monday, 15-Dec-14, 4:23 AM | Message # 9
Bee's Knees
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Found it! [url=]Black Market Promo 7.04[/url]
Tina Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 8:43 AM | Message # 10
Fair Dinkum
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Hasn't anybody watched the episode?

Well, it was okay, but I was disappointed because it was way not enough Jane in this episode. Also not very much Lisbon.
I had said it before ..I like Cho, Abbott and Vega is okay too. But I don't care a bit about there life. I want to see as much Jane as possible in these few final episodes.
In this was definately NOT enough.

The few scenes with him though were cute, and I loved the close-ups on Simon.
amanda Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 9:08 AM | Message # 11
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I did Tinamarianne !

But the more I'm watching these episodes of the seven season , the more I miss the CBI and the former team with Van Pelt and Rigsby. It isn't the same anymore !.............. sad sad
Ivana Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 12:09 PM | Message # 12
Fair Dinkum
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Well, aside the fact that Jane is so smart, beautiful and sexy even when down with cold and that the vest is back, nothing much can be said about this episode.

Cho and Vega story seems a little too forced and Abbot and his wife little too long, although, the Abbot storyline could be a set up for Jane's early retirement, and Jane is already planting a seed in Lisbon's mind about leaving the FBI, which is potentially very interesting. I believe that by the end of the series Jane will be free man in the eye of the law a and thus be free to choose his own career path (and maybe even free from his past as much as it's possible).

I am really looking forward for the next episode because Simon directed it and promo is intriguing and stylish.
Peithon Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 12:31 PM | Message # 13
Rip Snorter
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OK episode. There's not much Jane in it because Simon was doing his prepatory work as a director for the next episode.

Message edited by Peithon - Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 12:31 PM
DS_Pallas Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 12:37 PM | Message # 14
Fair Dinkum
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An average episode, I think the Szentgyorgyi/Long episode last week was stronger. Though "Black Market" has some important bits.

The case was Ok, the investigation sending the team on false lead, while the culprit was just there right under their nose.

The first scene was great, when you discover it's Cho and not Jane. Nice trick.

And yes the writer seems to emphasize on the characters relationships here.
I think it's interesting to show more of Abbott (I think they dare this because the character seems to be popular) and imply he is not as clear as he may look. I like him, and I'm sure they do that to make us hope that Super Jane will help him solve his problems in the near future!

Though their disciple/mentor connection is interesting, I hope they will give Vega a break, because I take pity on the poor thing, as we watch her making loads of efforts to gain Cho's trust. sad (great tackling though Miss Vega!)

But one of the strong moments in Jane trusting Lisbon in her capacity of doing his usual antics and playing false psychic. I think it means a lot to the character, and it's a strong message to her.
And it was fun to watch. And can't help to love sick Jane… smile

The second main event is of course the final scene in the Airstream. I like the serialization in the storyline this season, when they slowly built the couple new relationship, adding some elements here and there in every episode.

It's a very intimate scene. Jane is thinking aloud, revealing Teresa his inner thoughts (a new thing too), and it's obvious he has the desire to move on, now RJ is dead and he has Lisbon in his life. Seeing dead bodies and chasing murderers is not really his cup of tea.
But being a cop is what Lisbon is, and with her dry answer, we suddenly see a black cloud appearing on the lovers' blue skies. It's no good. It'll be likely some troubles are waiting for our lovebirds.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. I'd have liked more Jane/Lisbon scenes too, but the Abbott story is interesting, and it's nice to have Cho a bit more on screen too.
bee Date: Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 2:18 PM | Message # 15
Fair Dinkum
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Haven't seen this episode yet so can't really comment but with Lisbon going undercover in The Greybar Hotel and now posing as a psychic in this episode and we are also to see Lisbon's family in future episodes there seems to be a lot of Lisbon and not enough Jane for me. sad I still want to know more about Jane's father (is he still alive?) and what happened to his mother!

Message edited by bee - Tuesday, 23-Dec-14, 2:22 PM
Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 04 Black Market (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
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