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Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 7 » 10 Nothing Gold Can Stay (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
10 Nothing Gold Can Stay
KathyF Date: Sunday, 19-Apr-15, 11:47 PM | Message # 31
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I didn't notice either. I guess in Texas we are not so formal about funerals.At least that has been my experience.
Hayseed Date: Monday, 20-Apr-15, 4:38 AM | Message # 32
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but I was really disgusted that Jane didn't wear a tie to the funeral - so disrepectful.

I know things have changed these days but surely a black tie at a funeral is usual.

I live in the US, and I haven't seen a black tie at a funeral in years. The law enforcement people were dressed in uniform, and Jane had on a suit coat. There was nothing wrong with what he wore by common custom, and I've never understood why what someone wears in moments of grief is terribly important anyway.

I can imagine Jane would say that Vega is dead, and therefore didn't care what he wore to her funeral.

Just my two cents.
KathyF Date: Monday, 20-Apr-15, 5:24 AM | Message # 33
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Couldn't agree more! I wore a bright yellow dress to my grandfather's funeral. We were celebrating his life.
Tina Date: Monday, 20-Apr-15, 7:46 AM | Message # 34
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I didn't notice that Jane didn't wear a tie or Lisbon had her hands in the pocket ... and I don't think it's important what to wear to a funeral. In Germany people don't necessarily wear ties. I don't see anything disrespectful in this. And for sure Simon would never be disrespectful even if he chose that Jane wears his usual outfit!
I think it's more important to be there and pay the respect to the one that has passed away.

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bee Date: Monday, 20-Apr-15, 10:40 AM | Message # 35
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Of course people have differing opinions and attitudes on all things, and rightly so. The little "niggles" regarding whether to wear a tie or how to behave at a funeral, for example, may be a generation thing, depend on where you live and on differing customs etc etc. However, attitudes have changed over the years and we are more relaxed and laid back in our approach to life these days and Paul A Kaufman who directed Nothing Gold Can Stay decided, in this context, that this interpretation was right and acceptable. We don't know if Simon had any input about how this scene was to be played but with Jane's character I think Simon would probably have agreed with the outcome. Whether we agree or not is up to each individual.

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angel Date: Tuesday, 28-Apr-15, 8:24 PM | Message # 36
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What can i say. What a episode. From the robbery to the tracking down to the gut wrenching end. This was an incredible episode. My only beef with channel 5 was did i miss the death of vega as they were in the hospital she was in bed. Jana head down but then we hear detective saying to abbott at office sorry for your loss. What happened there. Is that what it was meant to be or did ch5 cut out the death scene. Back to epis. Vega was so quick to become a fave character of mine. She was one of the best. Sad she had to leave before the end. The cafe scene with vega and cho was excellently played out and when cho killed his man and came back into the cafe you just knew it was bad the way it was shot. I could feel emotions in me watching this. Cho trying to get her to stay with him. Amazingly heart pumping scene. To think earlier she was making plans with wylie. But the after effect on the team of her death. Poor wylie besides himself and cho trying to keep it in and just couldnt when he had to make the call to relatives. But the head to head with cho wanting to go blasting in to where the suspects were and jane who wanted to get the 2 hostages out and let the 2 killers take each other out was tense to watch and the way jane played it out by putting himself in as a hostage and playting the 2 guys until they took each other out with cho help was fantastic television. The beautiful song playing while the funeral was played thru and the wonderful scene with jane saying he cannot do this anymore and is leaving and lisbon stunned and near tears. Stunning stunning stunning episode.
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