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Simon's Birthday Card (2012)
Tori Date: Saturday, 14-Jul-12, 7:03 PM | Message # 31
Ankle Biter
Messages: 23
Status: Offline
I defenitly want to be added!
Tori from America, SC
angel Date: Saturday, 14-Jul-12, 7:19 PM | Message # 32
Messages: 131
Status: Offline
Wow so many countries. Shows how popular and loved simon is around the world. I think he will be really touched by this gesture and even keep a copy as a reminder. I can just see him blushing at all the women of the world uniting for The Bakerboy xx
Raven Date: Saturday, 14-Jul-12, 7:25 PM | Message # 33
Messages: 165
Status: Offline
What a great idea Fran:) I would like to greet him too if that's possible. Heike, Germany
Juney Date: Saturday, 14-Jul-12, 8:23 PM | Message # 34
Bee's Knees
Messages: 606
Status: Offline
Hi Fran, what a lovely idea. Please add June from England. XXXX
Kimmi23 Date: Saturday, 14-Jul-12, 10:45 PM | Message # 35
Ankle Biter
Messages: 20
Status: Offline
Hi Fran i love that idea. I would also like to have my name added also if at all possible. Kimberly from Hudson, MA.
Awe Date: Saturday, 14-Jul-12, 10:56 PM | Message # 36
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
Great idea Fran! Would like to be included if thats possible! Anke from Holland.
Sandra Date: Saturday, 14-Jul-12, 11:36 PM | Message # 37
Messages: 62
Status: Offline
What a great idea!!!! Please add my name. Sandra USA like the love and respect greeting Your the greatest!!
fseventh Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 0:53 AM | Message # 38
Messages: 2
Status: Offline
Thank you so much for organizing this! I would really love to join and if I can help in anyway with my limited PS skill... I will be willing to do that!

Kartika from Indonesia
justlook3 Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 3:42 AM | Message # 39
Bee's Knees
Messages: 501
Status: Offline
Hee! I like my sample fan, so please include me. Though could you change mine to divaofdfw? That's my public twitter handle and the one that the writers know me as [they have been so kind to reply to me so many times]. biggrin [I think some of them know me by my first name, I know Karl has taken to calling me Kelly but I'm not sure if it shows up always, so it's easier.]
Arjay Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 3:50 AM | Message # 40
Messages: 4
Status: Offline
Cute idea, Fran, please include one from me. I hope it gets to him somehow.
Robyn, USA
Peithon Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 7:10 AM | Message # 41
Rip Snorter
Messages: 341
Status: Offline
Please include me too Fran, from the USA
68Dove Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 8:32 AM | Message # 42
Messages: 12
Status: Offline
Brillian "fan" card.... We adore him here in Canada too! happy
Geli Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 8:38 AM | Message # 43
Messages: 92
Status: Offline
Hopefully he will get the greeting. Please include me: Geli, Canada
One could also say '... with love, respect and admiration ... God bless you and keep you safe!'
Mrpf Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 9:28 AM | Message # 44
Ankle Biter
Messages: 28
Status: Offline
Please, if is possible include me. Marian from Spain
Fran Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-12, 9:57 AM | Message # 45
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 4127
Status: Offline
Thanks all. I've updated the list with everyone who said they wanted to be included - so far 34 people from 15 countries smile

68Dove - I wasn't sure if you wanted to be included, so you're not on the list at the moment.

fseventh - Thanks for your offer to help, I'm sure your skills are much better than mine as I don't have Photoshop. Would it be possible for you to do the message at the top of the card? (Happy Birthday Simon with love and respect from some of your fans) I could only do something very basic visually, but perhaps you could do something more attractive and interesting using some special effects?
Forum » Simon / Fun / Videos » Simon News & Chat » Simon's Birthday Card (2012)

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