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Poems on Simon Baker. His t.v shows and films
Mossibecca Date: Monday, 30-Apr-12, 11:04 AM | Message # 16
Bee's Knees
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Great stuff Scouse....fancy meeting you here!! biggrin
scouse Date: Monday, 30-Apr-12, 8:57 PM | Message # 17
Ankle Biter
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Thanks Mossibecca biggrin

Fancy us meeting like this tongue happy ^_^

Fran has a very good site

l just thought l would give the poems a wider reading audience because so far l haven't come across a fanpoem site smile

Hope to see you again here or there cool

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Mossibecca Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 12:14 PM | Message # 18
Bee's Knees
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As I seem to be surrounded by VERY talented people on this site, I thought I would share a couple of little poems I have written...not Brilliant, but they make me happy and pass the time between episodes!!

Patrick's Memory box

The feel of sunlight on my skin
The sand between my toes
The sharp cold smell of autumn
The snowflake on my nose
A woman's soft and gentle smile
The scent of flowers on a breeze
The giggle of a happy child
Precious memories such as these

The caress of one who loves me
A kiss to show I care
The wonder of a rainbow
Scarlet ribbons in her hair
The special smell of Christmas
The twinkle of the lights
The crackling of an open fire
Squeals of true delight

The smell of new born baby
Sunlight shining on the sea
The thrill of getting something right
The sound of birdsong in a tree
The rustle of a wedding dress
The sound of music soft and low
Two voices making wedding vows
and dancing very slow

The wonderful endless sleepless nights
When I held you oh so close
When we traded whispered promises
Pass though my mind like ghosts
A fire in the fireplace
The taste of good red wine
The look of absolute content
The knowledge that you're mine

Oh yes and there were sadder times
I'm glad though they were few
Although I hate to think of them
I remember one or two
The time I found you crying
and you couldn't tell me why
The time I had to turn away
before you caught me in a lie

The bad times and the good times
make the framework of my life
The memory of when I met you
The day you became my wife
The day I held our baby girl
so safe here in my arms
The day that I lost both of you
Because I HAD to use my charms

When the days have been so tedious
and the pain gets all too much
When the nights are dark and endless
and I lie here on my couch
I rifle though my memory box
Through other days like these
When life was still worth living
and you were here with me.


and one about the team:-

Meet the Team

This is Cho....The Iron Man
Who rarely cracks a smile
You won't understand him quickly
It can sometimes take a while,
to see the man behind the mask
he firmly keeps in place
But when he knows just who you are
You'll be able to read his face.

Now Rigsby looks a simple chap
Like a giant teddy bear
But don't be fooled - looks can deceive
There is much more going on there
His sweet nature hides a darker side
Family violence in the past,
and though he is gentle, and he is kind
If you cross him - you'd best be fast!!

Fair Grace - our IT wizard
She'll find anything you need
She hadn't much field experience
But information trails will yield,
to her fast flying fingers,
coupled with an enquiring mind
You can't hide in the ether
Because our Grace will always find.

Jane's another one who hides his face
He hides torment in his soul
But he does this with such natural grace,
you'd never guess his goal
He uses lies and trickery
to help him in his task
But what caused the pain there in his eyes?
Take my advice.....don't ask!!

Who me?...My name is Lisbon
I'm married to my job
My private life? I've little time,
I'm responsible for this mob!!
I'm little....but I'm wire-y
I pack a powerful punch!
If bad guys try to mess with me
I have them for my lunch!

I know we look unusual
But when the rest are at a loss
We read and sift through evidence
We don't think about the cost
Our strengths and talents lead us
through the lies....the truth we glean
and although we're all so different
Together....we're a team!


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Peithon Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 1:59 PM | Message # 19
Rip Snorter
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Lovely, thanks for sharing!
Tina Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 2:40 PM | Message # 20
Fair Dinkum
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Amazing! Thanks for sharing Mossibecca. It's just so great how this show and this man makes us all so creative.
Mossibecca Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 2:43 PM | Message # 21
Bee's Knees
Messages: 540
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I'm glad that you liked them, it passes the time biggrin
Lena Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 3:51 PM | Message # 22
Messages: 185
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Mossibecca, your poems are really beautiful, you are very talented.
Mossibecca Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 5:23 PM | Message # 23
Bee's Knees
Messages: 540
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Thank you Lena....I don't know about talent, but I enjoy doing them
Tassie Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 5:54 PM | Message # 24
Bee's Knees
Messages: 517
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Love the poems Mossibecca, thank you for sharing them with us.
Hayseed Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 6:05 PM | Message # 25
Bee's Knees
Messages: 549
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Very cute, Mossibecca. Thanks for posting them.
bonbon Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 6:10 PM | Message # 26
Messages: 55
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Scouse & Mossibecca: Thank you ladies!!! Love your works! Talented, true…. but what a wonderful tribute to Simon. Keep sharing those words from your tender hearts & clever minds with us all, please.
AgentM Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 6:48 PM | Message # 27
Bee's Knees
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Mossibecca...I don't know what you where so shy about! You have talent, let it shine!!! Thank you so much for having the courage to share...believe me, I know how difficult it can be to put your work out there for others to read --- I still get nervous when I upload fanfiction stories!! Well done! hands
beautyfulbabyboy Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 9:38 PM | Message # 28
True Blue
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Quote (Mossibecca)
I would share a couple of little poems I have written...not Brilliant...

NOT BRILLIANT???!!! Are you serious?!
These made my day, thank you so much for this!
You already had me with the second line ("the sand between my toes") and on the floor with "a snowflake on my nose"! lol
I love it!
Evy Date: Monday, 15-Apr-13, 9:56 PM | Message # 29
Fair Dinkum
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Mossibecca : Thanks to share with us this part of your secret garden ! flower
Mossibecca Date: Tuesday, 16-Apr-13, 10:33 AM | Message # 30
Bee's Knees
Messages: 540
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Thank you ladies, it is so nice to hear your comments....I will post some more when I have either looked them out or make up some are very kind. flower
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