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Poems on Simon Baker. His t.v shows and films
scouse Date: Monday, 16-Apr-12, 9:07 PM | Message # 1
Ankle Biter
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The poems are based on tv and film character's Simon Baker has portrayed.
l do not own the copyright of these character's but the poems are my own work and not that of anyone else
Some poems l add will be about Simon or his wife Rebecca.

A Room For Nick........... Burton and Nick The Guardian

Remember son your mothers words, and how she was back then
a lady so beautiful, l was the envy of other men
you adored your mom, as a son should do
always remember this boy, she adored you too

You may hear things when l'm gone, don't listen they're not true
remember and speak of her, the way you always do
your mom spoke these words, we've remembered them together
keep them inside your head, always and forever

There should be a room for everything in your life
a sleeping room, a happy room, a playing room, a sad room,
and, a room for Nick,
those are her words for us to remember her by.

Nick's Reply

My happy room is where l go, l see her there with me
we laugh at stupid stuff, there she is pain free
my playing room is where l go, l pretend she is still here
we are a family once again, our love is so sincere

My sad room is life, l live it everyday
why did you and mom, have to go that way
my room, the room for Nick, l'm still looking for it dad
l can't see the doorway, that leaves behind the bad

l remember the words, like it was yesterday
no matter what l hear, l'll remember her my way
no one can ever change, how l feel about my mom
lt doesn't matter what they say, when all is said and done

Mom lives deep within my heart, where no one can get to her
and when l need comfort, she is always there
to comfort me with the words l remember that she said
those words will live forever, locked inside my head

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scouse Date: Monday, 16-Apr-12, 9:17 PM | Message # 2
Ankle Biter
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By My Hand.............Patrick Jane

My mind is an orderly place, no place to keep and store
items that are trivial, or are required no more
so why can't l hide the memories, in a distant room
or completely clear them out, with one flick of a broom

To put those painful memories, to the back of my mind
and to lock them away, for the rest of my time
would be a merciful release, of the torture l endure
my life would be so much easier, that is for sure

But mercy is not mine to have, l don't deserve to gain
freedom from what l feel, the pain, the guilt and shame
l may act like l don't suffer, sometimes l let myself forget
but it isn't very long, before I'm back in that mind-set

I have to have a balance, where l can function as a man
those times are very hard for me, though l do the best l can
I get involved in a case, where my skills are put to use
It makes me feel like l'm needed, lt gives me an excuse

To feel good and to enjoy, just the simple things
to refresh my mind and give me strength, to face what life brings
l don't want sympathy, l just want to help the best l can
don't try to comfort me, l'm just an ordinary man

lf you happen to see me crying, please leave me alone
sometimes l need the space, my wrongdoings to atone
by my hand Red John will die............... how l will react?
l know l will get satisfaction, believe me.... that's a fact
lyn Date: Wednesday, 18-Apr-12, 8:41 AM | Message # 3
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Oh Scouse what a lovely surpise ! smile

'and a room for Nick' is one of the lines that will live with me forever, so you can imagine what your poem did to me! weep

hands Thank you!
scouse Date: Thursday, 19-Apr-12, 2:41 PM | Message # 4
Ankle Biter
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Hi Lyn
How are you? biggrin

Oh l'm so sorry l didn't mean to bring tears to your eyes..........l lied wink ....... l did really biggrin tongue

You are most welcome

Scouse xx

Message edited by scouse - Thursday, 19-Apr-12, 3:34 PM
Juney Date: Wednesday, 25-Apr-12, 5:54 PM | Message # 5
Bee's Knees
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These poems are so beautiful. I wish I had the knack.
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 8:41 PM | Message # 6
Ankle Biter
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Hi Juney

Thank you for your comment lt is really appreciated

lt's Simon who brought out the knack in me l don't seem to be able to do it for any other actor

l will post my work on his films after this next post

Thanks again

scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 8:41 PM | Message # 7
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Visions of you Patrick Jane

l can hear music playing, its soft and gentle to my ear
It soothes away the loneliness and helps to calm my fear
It’s getting more upbeat, my heart begins to thud
I would turn the dam thing off, lf only l could

My eyes they won't open, l can't rise from my bed
The music is like a loud drum, pounding in my head
I cannot shake the noise, no matter what l do
I’m trying to replace it with visions of you

The laughter in your eyes, the beauty of your face
The sweetness of your lips takes me to a place
Where l am feeling happy, where l can feel safe and stay
The troubles of the past and the pain all go away

The music is soft again it soothes as it plays
I’m drifting further back into my younger days
When my mom was still around, we laughed and we danced
While my dad was out there playing his game of chance

I’m with you once more, we make plans to run away
I pick out the marks who will pay for that day
We are at the hospital our baby girl is born
Our whole world has a bright new dawn

Where are you going Annie please don’t leave
Charlotte goes with you leaving me here to grieve
My eyes are opening, the morning light is here
I look into the mirror as I wipe away a tear

I will survive and build a life free from Red John
He can’t escape me forever and that day will come
I want to see him punished, really I do
For me and for what he did to Charlotte and to you

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scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 8:47 PM | Message # 8
Ankle Biter
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Ritaux's Downfall From Affair with the Necklace

With his suave and pleasant manner, and with looks to melt your heart
Ritaux will have you captivated, right from the very start
he will meet and he will greet you, his eyes will search your very soul
you'll be flushed in his company, his leaving makes you cold

His loyalty is questionable, his vanity so profound
but when you fall for him, you'll worship the very ground
that he walks upon, your heart lurches at his name
there is only love for him, though to him it's just a game

But he really falling, in love at's true
my dear you have turned the tables, Ritaux has fell for you
you ask of him a favour, to regain your family name
he agrees with zest to help you, he doesn't realise the shame

That he will endure, in the governments retribution
it will be worse to him than anything, executed in the revolution
the deceit is put in place, everything goes to plan
then just as things are working, it's ruined by Rohan

You escape but Ritaux, is captured by the guard
torture for him is impossible, he cannot permit to be scarred
marks upon his face, would mean an end to life
as he had grown accustomed, he could never take a wife

He gave you up to save himsel, his sorrow deeply felt
as was yours in your heart, when beside him you knelt
you took him in your arms, and wiped away his tears
telling him you loved him, melting away his fears

That you would hate him, for what he had done
you cradled him and kissed him, til all fear in him was gone
you said that you loved him, lt should have been enough for you
you realised you had lost, a love in him that was all so true

You were to be separated, never to see either again
there was nothing you could do, to take away the pain
you came to England and told of your plight
while he settled with a lady she lived as his wife
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 8:51 PM | Message # 9
Ankle Biter
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More Than Just A Friend (David. Book Of Love)

We laughed and shared our dreams, our love was deep and strong
a boy came into our lives, then everything went wrong
you wrestled with temptation, but it won you over in the end
the boy became your lover, more than just a friend

You ask me if l still love you, l bow my head down low
how can l tell you what l think, when l really don't know
to tell you your a good person, whether or not l still trust you
l'm still trying to understand, the feelings l'm going through

l tried so hard to win you back, l competed with his youth
why couldn't you talk with me, and tell me the truth
we could have worked it out, but you deceived me with your lie
there's no one now for me, l just break down and cry

My world is in pieces, everything must change
nothing is familiar now, lt all looks so strange
Elaine why did you do this, wasn't l enough for you
or is Chet really who you want, have you thought this through

We've chosen seperate ways to go, l never thought we would part
nor did l ever think, that you would break my heart
Lilian,Naomi, the baby are my world, l'll spend my days helping them
l'm happy for now doing this, until l feel love again
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 8:54 PM | Message # 10
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Roderick's Email. From Sex and Death 101

lt started with an email, a list of girls names
lt wasn't long before, the start of fun and games
you thought you had everything, in your new wife to be
but your life was to change, when Fiona set you free

You set out to find, what these names really meant
as you learned your destiny, you thought it was heaven sent
to make love to lots of women, lt was a dream come true
how could it be bad, you could see it through

Cynthia Rose THE centre fold, you couldn't believe your luck
but as you try to see her, you become unstuck
but as fate would have it, she needs a gettaway ride
the guys inside the bookstore, from them she needs to hide

You join in her deceit, to fool her dad with a new man
But you can't wait for bedtime, when by mistake you take her gran
you run away screaming, at what you have done
her granny had leprosy, that spoilt all the fun

Onto club with friend Zak, Trixie turns up too
Bambi and Thumper are next, who the list has in store for you
a pass is served to you, you end up in fairy wings
and in your boxer shorts, doing crazy things

Who would have thought, what the night would bring
they fight and throw a book, which knocks you off the swing
Dr Miranda by mistake, you set your sights upon
but she makes an impression on you, more than others have done

by sheer bad luck she dies, you try to see the job through
come on soldier stand up, but it won't happen for you
crying on the Drs shoulder, you realise your mistake
she comforts you in your loss, it's love to her you have to make

Now you ring up Hope, propositioning her mother
Hope rings you back, you become her lover
finally you are warned, there are only 20 left
untill you get to Nell, who will be your cause of death

Taking up cycling, ls to be your salvation
you didn't plan on a school bus full of girls to be your damnation
they helped themselves to you, on their way to a jamboree
the lady driver too, making the number up to 20

Now your in trouble, only death Nell left to go
how can you save yourself, does anybody know
you recluse to your house, dress in jacket and pj's
how can you die now, this could never fail

You walk to the kitchen, to cut off soldier is the plan
lifting a meat cleaver you wake, relieved your a complete man
Realizing now, your fate is with Death Nell
you go off to find her, near to her hotel

You meet her in a cafe, where you talk and share a meal
then sharing a pie, she makes you a deal
she tells of horrors in her life, her husband put her through
and how she came about to do, the things to men that she did do

His humiliating practice, having her dress as a princess
before he beat her badly, was the road to her success
she kept herself a diary, of the things he did to her
when he slipped on her pencil, she was free and didn't care

Revenge was her motive, for treating men with contempt
but somehow she felt good with you, but you were'nt to be exempt
they left for her room, giving each other the pill
both falling asleep, with no one knowing if the other will

Wake from the coma, they had drifted into
but that wasn't the end, there was more for them and you
for Rod had found his soul mate
lt was meant to be, Nell had found hers in him
now the two of them were three

His words are most defining, of how now he really is
though they don't rhyme, this is what he says

For the 1st time in my life.......l am (l dare not add an adjective)
Mature. Content. Happy

lf it is all a game sometimes the best thing to do is press the reset button

The meaning of it all.......... Honestly.....Who gives a F***k

There's no more to be said on there?
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 8:58 PM | Message # 11
Ankle Biter
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Love From Conundrum And Us. Love From Ground Zero

You arrived to visit Henry, ln his hospital bed
only to discover, he was already dead
you met Sam and Walter, you all made a vow
to scatter Henry's ashes, at Conundrum Peak somehow

To follow the route Henry took, when he left his home for school
to see the places he did, wouldn''t that be cool
postcards led the way, with pictures of the scene
you travelled many miles, following his dream

Henry signed one differently, they all wondered why
it said With love from ground zero, they'd see with their own eyes
Eric tells Sam of how, he and Henry were to meet
now he can't help but shed a tear, for the date he didn't keep

The Apollo Motel, Eric can't do the deed
Walter and Sam almost do, but comfort is all they need
an argument ensues, Eric leaves them sitting there
Sam can't control herself, she doesn't seem to care

They are all in limbo, unable each to deal
with the loss of their friend, and with how they feel
Walter calms Eric down, he has to help him through
Walter's in over his head, he needs help from you

They pick up Hat and his suitcase, he's a strange kinda guy
from a time years ago, understand him, they don't try
they camp at a trailer, up for sale or for rent
Hat vanishes in the night, no one knows where he went

Then they reach the mountain road, Sam takes henry's ashes n she cries,
She wanted to make him a carrot cake, now never will she's realized,
Eric gets Hat's suitcase, he puts soil into the hat
grass he uses for candles, and makes the cake out of that

They reach where Henry was, a place named ground Zero
Henry was scared being there, he didn't want to be no hero
missiles pointed at Russia, they pointed there's right back
Henry wanted out of there, at it's meaning he was sad

Eric talked of Conundrum Peak, and while Henry was up there
he was in Elrey Theatre, getting stoned in a chair
they visit in on Alex, and meet her little son
Sam got very angry, at what henry had done

Henry kept hidden from her, he was scared she would leave
he couldn't risk losing her, that she wouldn't believe
Alex wanted a baby, Henry agreed to be the dad
they would never recapture, the love they once had

They arrive at the peak, Walter can't go ahead
he tries to take the car, but crashes it instead
they run to his aid, not knowing what they'll find
how could he ever think, they would leave him behind

l'm not ready to mourn, or ready to let him go
l can't go up there, to carry on tomorrow
each in turn they have their thoughts, at arriving on the Peak
though there's no rhyming, this is what they speak

lt's so beautiful up here, like nothing l've ever known,
The flowers are all in bloom, the reds, the yellows, and white's. Just for now l'm going to stay a while
and get to know what you left behind

Wish you were here, place is just as we left it, and the way lt'll always be

Thanks for the amazing ride, l couldn't have done it without you

They each in turn take ashes and walk over to the view
This is where they say goodbye to the friend they once knew
They each find themselves deep in their own thoughts
now things don't seem so bad, each not so distraught

l thought we were bringing you back home
maybe it's the other way around

l'll miss you

Love from Conundrum Peak......and, then they all say together........... us
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 9:03 PM | Message # 12
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La Santa Muerte. Not Forgotten

You daughter Toby, is daddy's little girl
she is almost twelve years old, the centre of your world
but you were a naughty boy, quite some years ago
a debt collector and hit man, in Tepito Mexico

Your lovely wife Amaya, stepmother to your daughter
turns out to be, someone she ain't aut'er
you killed her father, then Roberto was your name
married to Katie, death was like a game

ln the name of La Santa Muerte, you killed when you were told to
but that life you hated, you wanted something new
you left taking Toby, from the life you had known
to protect her from what you saw, as you had grown

Your past caught up with you, Toby was abducted
what hurt you the most, was by someone you had trusted
finally you found her, you did things along the way
you killed toby's mother, for what she couldn't say

Now you and Toby are free, you take her away
what you do not hear are, the words that she says
she recites the words you have done in another land
as she holds the effigy of La Santa Muerte in her hand

La Santa Muerte vanquish my enemies,
Help me find my mothers killer and avenge her senseless death, However long it takes, however hard it may be
Conquer him who has conquered me
like Jesus conquered on the cross
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 9:11 PM | Message # 13
Ankle Biter
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The Secret. Secret Men's Business

You and your four friends, shared a terrible secret
that tore your life apart, it would destroy you if you let it
a phone call from Doug, a gathering with the other four
and the lies and deceit, would be secret no more

Ed's untimely death, was to bring you all together
lt would change you all, from this day and forever
Doug's rocky marriage, Michael partly to blame
Ian always so put upon, you tried to hide your shame

You had to give up acting, the strain you couldn't take
you found love with Margo, a new life you both would make
down at the beach, a man did drown
while you and your buddies, acted the clown

You all tried to save him, t'was a shock to all of you
to see a man die and, there was nothing you could do
things came to a head, when Warwick arrived too
he was to open wounds, for the others and for you

You all experienced change, a truth you have shared
all feeling different now, your souls you have bared
finally all of you, have grown up this day
now you can all move on, and each go on your way
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 9:14 PM | Message # 14
Ankle Biter
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Bits And Pieces. Land Of The Dead

Riley and Charlie are raiders for the town
both wanted out of there, somewhere to settle down
everywhere was zombie's, feeding on people where they could
the sight was so disgusting, tearing at flesh and drinking blood

The townspeople had it rough, while the rich were safe inside
a place they called Fiddler's Green, thinking there was safe to hide
Riley's dead reckoning,was a truck he had designed
armoured n fitted with missiles, and guns of every kind

lt massacred the zombie's, while out on raids by the score
but Riley has had his fill, he doesn't want it anymore
he wants to go up north, and get the hell out of that town
he wants a place with no people, where he can settle down

Chilo turns renegade, Kaufman is the head man
Chilo turns to blackmail, to extort what he can
$5 million dollars, is his price for being duped
into thinking he could live there, among the rich dressed in suits

Safe inside dead reckoning, Chilo threatens to blow up Fiddler's Green
lf he doesn't get the money, Riley and friends are sent to the scene
They overpower Chilo, dead reckoning is now theirs
their going to head for Canada, but Riley sees the flares

Fires and smoke are raging, to help they have to try
the zombie's have broken through, too many friends will die
Zombie's have learned to think, how to use guns and tools
now they are rampaging, their nobody's fools

Riley makes the order, fire the missiles now
they have to take them out, to stop them feeding in their town
Dead reckoning can help, they set off for the town
arriving at the bridge, Riley has to get it down

He runs for the door, before he can get it done
he's attacked by a zombie, on the floor he drops his gun
as the zombie has him trapped, about to sever his head
Riley manages to switch places, the zombie loses his instead

Zombie's are surrounding the truck, Riley cannot get inside
he has to make it to the roof, his heart thumps with every stride
they are horrified at what they see, as they reach the town
people in bits and pieces, nothing can be done for them now

Friends and families appear, smiling through their tears
walking away from the only place, they've known all their years
the zombie's have taken over, now everyone must leave
there's no time for burials, they walk as they grieve

Riley and his friends, leave the town behind
they are heading for Canada, and life of the peaceful kind
they seek out a place, where they all can share
they know they can have, they just have to dare
scouse Date: Friday, 27-Apr-12, 9:22 PM | Message # 15
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Life's Game Simon's character Jeff in the tv series Smith

Speed on the highway, four wheels or two
driving fast and dangerous, ls like a drug to you
surfing the waves, girls on the beach
surf and sun on your body, in your hair to bleach

Those blonde curly locks, that have their own way
of adding to your looks, as in the wind they play
muscles ripple through your body, as you surf the water as one
the happines you find there, the peace and the fun

lf only life was like this, you would be a different man
but there's too much hurt inside, so you know you never can
guns are your main thing, that sets you from the crowd
big ones and small ones, quiet ones or loud

Life is just a game to you, you come and go as you please
you'll never settle down in love, you love too much to tease
girls as you want them, you pick up at will
returning to them once or twice, is part of the thrill

Single ones and married ones, to you they're all the same
pawns to be played with, in this your life's game
why should you pay the price, and be a normal kinda guy
responsibilities are for fools, that's the reason why
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