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Forum » Television Series » The Mentalist - Season 5 » 12 Little Red Corvette (Contains EPISODE SPOILERS)
12 Little Red Corvette
Fran Date: Wednesday, 19-Dec-12, 0:24 AM | Message # 1
Fair Dinkum
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5.12 Little Red Corvette


Will a two-month-old murder finally be the key to Lisbon getting her man?

Henry Ian Cusick Returns as Multi-Millionaire Tommy Volker

"Little Red Corvette” — The CBI investigates the death of a geologist, which Lisbon is convinced is the key to bringing down Tommy Volker, on THE MENTALIST, Sunday, Jan. 13 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Henry Ian Cusick returns as multi-millionaire Tommy Volker.

Simon Baker (Patrick Jane)
Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon)
Tim Kang (Kimball Cho)
Owain Yeoman (Wayne Rigsby)
Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt)

Rebecca Wisocky (Brenda Shettrick)
David Noroña (DDA Ardiles)
Amy Aquino (Judge Patricia Davis)
Henry Ian Cusick (Tommy Volker)
Steven Bauer (Don Clyde)
Emjay Anthony (Marvin Pettigrew)
Jennifer Sommerfield (Sharon Pettigrew)
Nicole Laliberte (Annabelle Sugalski)
Matt Baker (Charles Milk)
Adam Tsekhman (Horatio Jones)
Frankie Jay Allison (Mark Costa)
Justine Wachsberger Geotech Receptionist)
Shirley Butler (Action Alliance Counselor)
Hilary Pingle (Mother)

WRITTEN BY: Ken Woodruff
DIRECTED BY: Randall Zisk
justlook3 Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 7:18 AM | Message # 2
Bee's Knees
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Wow, that was quite an episode. I was worried that they were going to make it all about Jane. But no, this was Lisbon's case and he only gave her advice. Yes, he made breakthroughs on the case :the idea that there was a witness, finding the enforcer, leading them to Marvin's foster mother, creeping out Volker.
I admit I did find it hard to believe that Volker would get sloppy like that at the end, but then he was desperate to get to the kid ahead of CBI and he'd already had two people refuse to kill the kid. And it was satisfying to see Lisbon punch him after she shot him. I was surprised to find out that Brenda was a mole, just not Red John's. Interesting as to how that's going to play out. If it gets mentioned again.
Also this episode confirmed what I had thought, Jane never met Volker face to face until this one.
Clever use of the title too.
Little moments:
--Producer Nina Corrado's name showing up in a couple of places. As a name on the white board and as one of the missing children on Van Pelt's computer.
--Amanda's belly that just wouldn't be hid.
--Karl spotting (he couldn't remember if he was in this one or not when asked earlier today, it was before break!)
--Jane just sitting down next to Lisbon and grabbing a folder.
--The whole week old soda thing during the stake out. A nice moment of levity before the bus.
--I may have misheard but I swear Rigsby called Lisbon "Lis" a couple of times.
--Jane asking Lisbon if she was alright when she shot Volker.

Well done all around.
bee Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 12:05 PM | Message # 3
Fair Dinkum
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Another great episode with some tense scenes. In helping Lisbon with the case there were no "macho fisticuffs" from Jane, that simply isn't his style, but he did what he does best and I liked the fact that he simply guided Lisbon in her pursuit of Volker knowing how much she wanted to be the one to take him down. He knew how much this meant to her and his support led her to do it by herself so she could have her vengeance (for want of a better word) against Volker. His guidance, however, being somewhat underhand...the blackmailing of Ardilles, her treatment with Judge Davis and Don Clyde. Lisbon has gradually become more open-minded in relation to getting the best results, courtesy of Jane, something she would not have entertained in the early days! Perhaps Jane hopes that his help in catching Volker will get her to think differently when the time comes in the capture/killing of RJ!

The scenes where Jane introduced himself to Volker at the school and later in the office I thought were quite menacing on Jane's part. He may be a whimp physically but he reigns supreme with his mind games and I felt that Volker became a little unsettled by Jane here. Brenda....well there's a surprise! If she was a mole for Volker who knows where it will end! I found her to be perfectly evil in telling Volker about the young boy! A future mole for RJ perhaps? I liked the scene were everyone was searching on their computers for the whereabouts of the boy and Jane simply reclined on his couch having done his bit! Jane sitting in Lisbon's office going through the files with her was sweet especially knowing he hates paperwork! Still he did get to finish her snack for his pains!

The scenes at the Zoo were tense but I would liked to have seen Volker suffer a little more and seen that smug smile wiped from his face! We didn't really get to see that. Perhaps we'll see him return at a later date! After shooting Volker I would have liked Lisbon to have given him more than a little slap although she seemed satisfied with that! Nice that Jane was concerned about Lisbon, asking if she was alright. I thought the ending was a little abrupt but it was touching that it was Jane who returned the boy to his mother. On questioning the mother at the beginning it was obvious that Jane was affected by the boy's disappearance and the look on Jane's face at the end said it all, no words were necessary.

Great lines:

Volker to Jane: "She's a fascinating woman isn't she"?
Jane to Volker: "Certainly".
Jane to Volker: "For a moment there I was splashing around in that puddle with Spike growing some gills".
Jane to Volker: "I just wanted to meet you while I had the chance".
Volker to Jane: "You going somewhere?"
Jane to Volker: "No, but you are after your arrest......."

Henry Ian Cusick played Volker supremely and if RJ turns out to be half as bad I shall not be disappointed!!

Message edited by bee - Monday, 14-Jan-13, 5:08 PM
Mossibecca Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 3:50 PM | Message # 4
Bee's Knees
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I REALLY enjoyed this one, sometimes when I have looked forward to an episode as much as I had this one, it doesn't match the hype in my head, but this one did it and more.

I have read elsewhere discussions about whether Jane is trying to make Lisbon like him sort of..... amoral.....I don't agree with this, to my mind he is trying to get her to think outside the box, that not everything fits in with rules, and sometimes you have to learn to think like a criminal to catch a criminal.
This paid off with Volker....I swear that the temperature in my room dropped several degrees when Jane and Volker were doing their dance!!

Jane's face at the end when he took the boy back to his Mum...priceless, so many moments like this throughout..... Lisbon did several little eyebrow quirks and little smiles that said more than pages of dialogue could.

Great acting from everyone, Henry Ian Cusick was perfectly cast....he was suitably attractive and chillingly evil, and the little boy was very well cast too.

One that I shall watch again and again.
Peithon Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 6:42 PM | Message # 5
Rip Snorter
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This episode was a mixed bag, I preferred Days of Wine and Roses. This one had a clumsy wrap up to the case - really, a hitman who won't hit a kid? Seriously? And Volker going after the kid personally after being so careful? He doesn't have a ton of hitters in his employ? Plot should have gone one more episode. I did like how PR Lady turned out to be evil, but I am beginning to think that must be a check box if you work at or with the CBI. Ardiles has skeletons in the closet too.
Evy Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 7:01 PM | Message # 6
Fair Dinkum
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Tell me please :

If Brenda is a mole, this means that in the last episode of season 3, she was an accomplice in O'Laughing, when PJ et TL seek to trap the mole with the number of Hitghtower 's hotel room ?
She was on the list of Laroche eek
It's very unexpected ! The danger is still close !

It's funny to see Simon with cut hair biggrin
Great episode ! Lisbon takes her revenge ! wink
Tish Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 9:11 PM | Message # 7
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Just finished watching the episode and mulling things over.
I found Volker decidedly creepy. I agree with other comments on the finish to the episode feeling rushed. I suspect that there may be some good stuff left on the editing room's floor too - perhaps we shall find out when the DVD is released.

The thing that caught my eye was that PJ didn't want to tell the mum he thought her little boy might be dead. I don't believe he would have known at that stage that the boy could still be alive so his cruel streak whilst solving cases doesn't quite stretch out limitlessly.

PJ returning the boy to his mum made me think of the first season when he returned a baby back to her family after her mum ding killed.
beautyfulbabyboy Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 10:39 PM | Message # 8
True Blue
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Just finished watching it the second time and found it as shocking as the first time. Pretty tough episode that was.
Recognized, Jane was pretty familiar with the Volker-case - he knew that the victim was working for Volker´s company.
He really wants to help Lisbon.

L.:"Blackmail the DDA?"
J.:"Why not?"
L.:"How can I get dirt on Ardiles?"

-Touching scene with Jane and Marvin´s mother. He so much felt with the grieving mother.

-Cunning how Jane found out who was Volkers man.

-Great scene Lisbon pressing every button, lying to the Judge about the evidence to get the warrant signed! She learns fron Jane!

-After the cool plan how to make Volker´s man lead them to Marvin and then the funny soda -scene inside the car
I was really shocked when he jumped in front of the bus.

-It was sort of a relieve to me to see Brenda really was a mole - I always had a bad feeling about her.

-So much tension chasing Volker - very well done director´s job!
And again it´s Jane, giving the boy back into his mother´s arms!

Quote (justlook3)
-I may have misheard but I swear Rigsby called Lisbon "Lis" a couple of times.

I don´t think so. I am pretty sure he called her "boss", as usual. Would be strange, don´t you think? Noone even calls her Lisbon (except for Jane) or Theresa - she´s "boss"

Oh, and: Simon looked gorgeous in this episode!!
justlook3 Date: Monday, 14-Jan-13, 11:41 PM | Message # 9
Bee's Knees
Messages: 501
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I don´t think so. I am pretty sure he called her "boss", as usual. Would be strange, don´t you think? Noone even calls her Lisbon (except for Jane) or Theresa - she´s "boss"

I swear they've called her Lisbon, but perhaps when they are referring to her and not addressing her? Like "Lisbon wants you to do x". It must have been some mumbling of boss that didn't sound quite right to my ears. Rigsby's mumblings can be difficult, it's when Owain slips up the accent most.
lenacr Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-13, 1:02 AM | Message # 10
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Absolutely brilliant!!! Of the best episodes ever! Good old Jane being back! Of the best and most sympathetic roles for Lisbon! I was on edge all the time while watching it! Captivating, gripping, thoroughly enjoyable!
lenacr Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-13, 1:05 AM | Message # 11
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On the question of how Rigsby called Lisbon, I registered something peculiar too, but I interpreted it as 'miss'!

Message edited by lenacr - Tuesday, 15-Jan-13, 1:06 AM
justlook3 Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-13, 1:50 AM | Message # 12
Bee's Knees
Messages: 501
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On the question of how Rigsby called Lisbon, I registered something peculiar too, but I interpreted it as 'miss'!

Well that's what I heard! But I thought, he wouldn't call her that, would he call her Lis?
Tina Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-13, 9:50 AM | Message # 13
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 2065
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About the Lisbon/Rigsby thing. I thought too he called her "Lis", I first thought that's strange, I listened closely when I watched the second time and heard it again.
About the episode: Just great! I so love this one. It was a good team episode, everybody was involved. How evil Volker is! Is this the end, or does he find a way to get out? I mean they don't really have proove he killed somebody, do they? And with his influence ...
we'll see.
Loved Simon with a bit shorter hair, looks cute.
All in all, I'm very happy with this one!
Tina Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-13, 9:52 AM | Message # 14
Fair Dinkum
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justlook you are right. They sometimes call her Lisbon. Van Pelt's "LISBON" in "Blinking Red Light" for example when she finds the photos. She wasn't shouting "Boss". And I'm sure there are more times one of the team members calls her Lisbon. Most times "boss" though.
Lena Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-13, 12:45 PM | Message # 15
Messages: 185
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This was a fantastic episode. There were a lots of tense and emotional moments and all the actors have given their best.
I liked the way Jane and Lisbon worked and how Jane helped and supported her in the whole episode, above all at the CBI when Jane said to Volker to be afraid of them, Lisbon seemed very proud to have Jane's support.
Volker was really evil and every scene with him was full of tension. I could see the fear in every persons who talked with him, like Annabelle Sugalski when Volker gave her a kiss on the cheek (very creepy) and also Brenda seemed to have fear of him.
I loved the emotional and touching moments with Jane when he met Marvin's mother and in the last scene he looked very moved when he brought Marvin back home to his mother.
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