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08 Red John
Fran Date: Friday, 01-Nov-13, 10:15 AM | Message # 1
Fair Dinkum
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6.08 Red John - Press Release


"Red John” — Patrick Jane finally comes face-to-face with Red John, the serial killer he’s tracked since the madman murdered his wife and daughter. For 10 years, Jane has doggedly hunted his nemesis in his search for justice, on THE MENTALIST, Sunday, Nov. 17 (10:00–11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: This is it! Jane is face-to-face with #RedJohn. After all this time, will he finally get justice? #TheMentalist 11/17

Simon Baker (Patrick Jane)
Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon)
Tim Kang (Kimball Cho)
Owain Yeoman (Wayne Rigsby)
Amanda Righetti (Grace Van Pelt)

WRITTEN BY: Bruno Heller
Hayseed Date: Sunday, 24-Nov-13, 3:59 PM | Message # 2
Bee's Knees
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You knew this day was coming. It's here.
Wand6122360 Date: Sunday, 24-Nov-13, 5:14 PM | Message # 3
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Great photo. I absolutely don't know how I will last until tonight.
KathyF Date: Sunday, 24-Nov-13, 6:00 PM | Message # 4
Rip Snorter
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Give me patience!
Peithon Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 6:34 AM | Message # 5
Rip Snorter
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Very good episode and I ended up right about RJ. A bit anti-climatic, but as Heller said it was bound to be a disappointment when he was found out. Death scene well acted. What makes me roll my eyes however is the complaining about the promo. Can we wait until the episode actually airs before you trash it? Sheesh.
justlook3 Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 6:56 AM | Message # 6
Bee's Knees
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Totally with you on the promo. Promos are made by CBS and more than meets the eye.
Some very good acting in this episode all around. And I agree about the anti-climatic part, after all of these years it wouldn't have mattered who it was it would have been a let down. Left some questions. Which may or may not ever be answered.
Mcbabsi Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 9:38 AM | Message # 7
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I still wonder how Jane found out about the phobia (birds?)
Many other things don't add up as well...
but, never mind, great episode.
Simon's little speech at the end broke my heart!
Evy Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 10:04 AM | Message # 8
Fair Dinkum
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Few bet on Mac Allister
But many unanswered questions (too many unanswered questions !)
It's disappointing.
Hopefully we will have answers in future episodes because we waited 6 years and and we still do not know many things. It's very frustrating cry

Currently my favorite moments :
All the team, united, to protect him
and the greatest : Patrick's face when he kills RJ/Mc Allister. At the same time full of hate and pain. Finally revenge after all these long years
Great acting skills from Simon. Usually so sweet and smiling showed that he could also be hard and get angry. I loved that.
Rest in peace Charlotte. heart

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bee Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 11:41 AM | Message # 9
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WOW! As expected an episode full of suspense, car chases and twists and turns and what a conclusion to the RJ saga. Lisbon entering the deserted bullpen was most poignant. There were so many heart-rending scenes but the one that came to the fore for me was the one in which Lisbon and the team showed their loyalty to Jane by protecting him when they said to Abbott "Let him go, he's done nothing wrong". At that moment they felt they owed it to Jane to let him end his quest for RJ even though they were consequently arrested and their careers put on the line. Lisbon's loyalty to Jane here was amazing, especially trusting Jane when she gave him her gun.

I knew Bertram couldn't be RJ it was too obvious although he was a vicious killer and got his just reward! I loved the magician's trick with the pigeon in Jane's jacket! Only he would know that trick! At last we now know why the pigeons were a clue.

Another mystery solved was RJ's confession about the body he had put in the trunk of his car before he went to Jane's house and the concussion grenade he pulled in order to switch bodies and fake his own death while rendering Jane and the other suspects unconscious. Partridge had apparently changed the body's DNA in the system and so presumably had to be killed.

The final scene with Jane chasing RJ and finally catching him was the most powerful scene of the series for me. The pain and grief etched on Jane's face as he straddled him was as raw as the day he found his family slaughtered. His remark "Are you sorry you killed my wife Angela, and my daughter Charlotte?" as he slowly choked the life out of him was so emotional and dramatic and for a moment afterwards Jane seemed to consider pulling the gun on himself!

Jane's last phone message...."Lisbon, it's's done. I wanted to let you know I'm OK. I'm going to miss you" and what with Blake Neely's music and Jane running from the park had me in pieces! Enough said...

For those of you who guessed the identity of RJ....congratulations...I didn't!!

I have to say Simon's acting this season has been so touching and emotional but the scene with RJ was so powerful it left me speechless. How this man has eluded so many awards amazes me.

Great episode perhaps Jane can move on with his life....

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Fran Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 2:13 PM | Message # 10
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From TVGuide:

The Mentalist's Red John Speaks
So did you figure it out or were you shocked you-know-whatless? After five seasons and change, The Mentalist has finally revealed the identity of serial killer Red John — it's Thomas McAllister, the quirky Napa County sheriff played by Xander Berkeley! "Xander is a wonderfully subtle actor who can go deep — deep enough to be our Red John," says series creator/exec producer Bruno Heller, who says he selected McAllister to be his Big Bad "about a year ago, after carefully weighing all other options. McAllister made the most sense. He had the perfect cover job as the sheriff of Napa, where he was the master of his domain. No one ever questioned his whereabouts. He didn't have to answer to anyone. He needed that freedom and the quiet loneliness of the countryside to do his thing as Red John." But let's hear from the badass himself! TV Guide Magazine spoke with Berkeley (Nikita, 24) about his new place in TV infamy and Red John's startling death.

TV Guide Magazine: How'd it feel when you got the news you'd been picked to be Red John?
Berkeley: Fantastic! I was stunned and flattered. Earning this little place in pop-culture history was the last thing I ever expected. Truth be told, I thought I was a red herring. I thought, surely, there was someone more deserving of the title.

TV Guide Magazine: Yet McAllister was the perfect choice since he goes almost all the way back to the beginning of the series, right?
Berkeley: I did the very first episode after the pilot. I remember it all looked like such a lark back then. Though this was a show with this tortured mentalist and this dreadful killer, the series seemed to have a really special sense of humor and so I played McAllister as a cornpone guy who had a bit of a swagger — the kind of guy who wished he was a sheriff in the Old West. I thought it was just a quick, little tongue-in-cheek job, never imagining I would linger for years!

TV Guide Magazine: Considering Red John's grand, operatic crimes, it's so interesting that his life ended not with a bang but with a whimper.
Berkeley: Yes! It's such an incredible choice to end it with Red John and Patrick Jane alone, eye-to-eye. It was so personal, so right, that Patrick would strangle him. The perfect way to go out. So simple, really. Of course, prior to that we had that endlessly complicated chase scene which we actually shot in numerous neighborhoods all over the place. We were in Hollywood, Pomona, Pasadena, Whittier. [Laughs] I was chased all over Southern California! Red John wouldn't f—king die! He even went through some poor, unsuspecting family's plate-glass window and kept going. It went on for so long that, after a while, I was thinking, "Is the bullet still in him?"

TV Guide Magazine: When and how did you find out McAllister was Red John?
Berkeley: I sort of figured it out early this season through osmosis, and then I called up Bruno Heller and set a meeting to discuss it with him. I really felt a lot of responsibility to give him what he needed. He was very sweet and very flattering, telling me that McAllister had always been one of his favorite characters. He thought the sheriff persona was the perfect mislead — for a sociopath to adopt that kind of career just seemed so extra creepy. But, still, why me? [Laughs] I never saw it coming!

TV Guide Magazine: Well, you do have that vibe!
Berkeley: [Laughs] Yeah, I guess there is a certain quality X that suspects are required to have. It's funny, because on the audition circuit I'm always running into the guys who played the other Red John suspects. In fact, I'm old friends with Michael Gaston, who played Bertram, and Kevin Corrigan, who played Kirkland. The three of us did a movie together in Pennsylvania. We know how to make the audience just slightly uncomfortable without overdoing it, and how to deliver a line that can be read two ways, so the audience can project whatever they want onto us. That's the dance we actors love to do. But you never know where a character is headed. My wife, Sarah Clarke, was Nina Myers on 24. In her mind, she was playing a nice, devoted member of CTU and was just gobsmacked to find out she was not only playing a traitor but that she'd be shooting Jack Bauer's pregnant wife in the stomach! It was crazy!

TV Guide Magazine: Were the other potential Red Johns jealous when you won the prize?
Berkeley: One day on the set Malcolm McDowell [Bret Stiles] said to me, "Mate, you're Red John! Do you know what that means? Do you realize how much money you're going to make on this?" I'm, like, "Huh? What do you mean?" He said, "At the conventions! Don't tell me you don't go to the conventions! Listen to me, mate. Get that girl over there with the camera and tell her to take loads of photos with you and that guy over there" — he points to Simon Baker — "and you go to those conventions with stacks of those photos and people will line up with their money and they will pay you to sign them! It's true! You go, 'Next! Thank you very much! Next! Thank you very much!' It's huge!"

TV Guide Magazine: You've played a lot of baddies. Safe to assume Red John ranks right up at the top?
Berkeley: Absolutely, but as good as it's been for me, I am hesitant to keep going there. There's the typecasting thing — in Hollywood they see you do something and they want to see you do it again and again. But also I have two little girls now. I don't want them to think their dad is such a creep. I didn't ever want to play someone who'd done the horrible things Red John has. I just don't want to put that crazy-psycho stuff out there. [Laughs] I'm trying to go through a bit of redemption! Of course, I played an arch-villain [Percy Rose] on Nikita for two seasons but found a way to justify that guy's behavior — his Machiavellian ends justified his means. I didn't feel I was tapping into any really deep, dark place with that. But Red John? That's a different matter. He's so sick. But the good thing about being him so late in the game is that I didn't actually have to shoot any of the grotesque things he did to his victims. Nobody has any images of me doing that. There is no footage. It's all in your imagination. And he's dead, he's done, he got what he had coming. So it's all good.

TV Guide Magazine: Of course, this isn't the first time you've died in spectacular fashion!
Berkeley: [Laughs] No it isn't! I have 200 credits on my resume and I have probably died in half of them! I've fallen from 30-story buildings three times, including once as a transvestite psycho-killer in a tutu and a red wig. I've died in a few plane crashes, in The Rookie with Clint Eastwood, and in Air Force One. I also crashed on 24 — that is, after I inhaled airborne plutonium. In Candyman, I was ripped open with a hook by Virginia Madsen in the ultimate revenge on a cheating husband. Some very traumatic deaths! [Laughs] And I never learn! In Terminator 2, I had the line, "Tell that f--king nut to shut up!" and — bam! — I got shish-kebobbed through the head. Never say that on film if you want to live to see the next scene! [Laughs] But I can't complain. I've got the kind of career where I can get away with making pad puns like, "'s a living!"
Fran Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 2:22 PM | Message # 11
Fair Dinkum
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From TVLine:

Minor Spoilers about future episodes

Post Mortem: Is The Mentalist's Red John Saga Truly Over? And 7 More Burning Qs Answered

Patrick Jane’s where (and when — cue two-year time jump!) will be revealed in the Dec. 1 episode, “My Blue Heaven.” But in the meantime, series boss Bruno Heller and star Simon Baker answered some questions about this seminal showdown.

DID RED ALWAYS END UP DEAD? | Heller says that Jane coming face-to-face with his family’s killer “wasn’t a time for moral ambivalence,” and as such “any other ending would have almost been dishonest.” The means of death also is signficant. “To pull a trigger is just pulling a trigger — the gun does the killing,” Baker posits. “But to actually grapple with someone and kill them with your hands is far more intimate.” Heller concurs, saying the end result was “hard, but good, to watch” for viewers craving closure.

WILL JANE PAY FOR HIS CRIME? | Sure, there didn’t seem to be anyone around, but the DNA evidence (and motive!) is surely substantial. And as Heller notes, “You can’t go around killing people willy-nilly without some sort of ramification.” As such, whatever The Mentalist looks like sans the CBI, “Jane is going to be in a position where his personal desires are not the point…. What he does in the future is not going to be entirely up to himself.”

WHERE’S THE WHY? THE HOW? | If there’s one quibble about the resolution of the Red John arc, it’s that McAllister did not fill in all the blanks about his decade-long run of bloody chicanery. Nor will those answers come post mortem. “One of the things you discover when these figures of great evil are unmasked in real life is…. they tend not to be very interesting…. They tend to be egomaniacal one-track minds,” Heller explains. “As we laid out in the episode, and as Jane himself says, ‘The rest is details’” — the stuff of “great Internet fodder, but not very entertaining for a weekly TV audience. So as much as some people would love to delve into that, it’s not what this show does.”

HOW DID RED JOHN OBTAIN JANE’S LIST? | With his final breaths, McAllister claimed that he was an actual psychic and used those skills to divine Jane’s list of suspects. But was that but a final bit of posing? Could RJ instead have had a mole inside Jane’s innermost circle? Heller told TVLine that, for now, he will leave “that thread dangling.” Parsing McAllister’s words, he says, “Jane feels very strongly as I do that psychics don’t exist, though you can’t tell that to the millions of people who get genuine solace and understanding from [them]. Any and all answers to that question … depend on your point of view.”

IS RED JOHN NOW A FOUR-LETTER WORD? | For the foreseeable future, yes. Says Baker, “I think it’s really nice to have a clean cut and not mention Red John at all for a while. Even if [Jane] speaks of the [death], he doesn’t mention Red or John in the same sentence.” And as for any “disciples” of the killer ever picking up the baton, “I never say never,” Heller allows, “but the audience and the story demands that we step away from that trope for a while.”

WILL THE MENTALIST LIGHTEN UP? | Returning next Sunday with a two-year time jump and the characters scattered here and there, The Mentalist will certainly feel a bit different — and that includes the tone. “A great weight has been taken off Jane’s shoulders — and to that degree a weight has been taken off the show,” Heller says of the 5-1/4 season storyline. “It’s going to be the same show… but with less darkness at the edges,” now rid of Red John’s looming presence.

HOW WILL LISBON & CO. BE AFFECTED? | Already, Amanda Righetti – who, like TV husband Owain Yeoman, is exiting the show later this season — has shared how life will change for Van Pelt and Rigsby. And that’s just one of the wrinkles resulting of the CBI shut-down/Red John take-down. “It’s a little like the children of divorce. What’s next?” Heller offers. “They’ve been enthralled to somebody else’s mission, in a world that they didn’t choose, and now the world is changing around them…. It’s a process of growing up and leaving home.” All told, The Mentalist minus Red John, Heller feels certain, “is going to be a great show. It’s up to the audience to decide whether they like it or not.”

AND LASTLY: HOW LONG DID JANE HAVE THAT PIGEON IN HIS POCKET?! | Heller says that Jane borrowed the bird much earlier in the hour, “just before Lisbon arrived in that park, when he is feeding those pigeons.” Still, considering the ensuing car chase/FBI road block, then subsequently shaking the Feds and racing to the graveyard, that’s a long time to keep the bird cooped up (and quietly, at that). “Pigeons are very friendly, amendable creatures,” Heller says. “It’s quite easy to kidnap one from a park, if you want to try it!”
Mossibecca Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 6:04 PM | Message # 12
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I LOVED the episode, I had real trouble trying to watch, as the site I usually use to download hadn't uploaded I watched on line, a bit of a jerky thing, with the voices and action out of synch....but hey I was desparate!!

I loved how the team basically made a wall so that Jane could go and do what he had to do. Lisbon seemed to be resigned to the fact that he would kill Red John,

I guess I shall HAVE to give up Partridge now....shame!! But I think the actor who played McAllister was suitably creepy.

Simon took acting to another level....perfect delivery, kept the tension up the whole way. The way he said ' My wife Angela and my daughter Charlotte' was so full of emotion. I am actually exhausted after watching, (though of course that may be all the housework I did in frustration at not being able to watch earlier and having to stay away from everywhere so I didn't get spoiled!!)

Need to watch again to get everything , but that won't be much of a hardship. biggrin
bonbon Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 6:38 PM | Message # 13
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WOW! KUDOs to Bruno Heller, the cast/crew and, especially, SIMON. This episode was really exciting and I found it to be a perfect closure to the RJ storyline. I loved the last scene in the park as Jane was running away….the woman walking with the young girl in the background and the sound of a child’s laughter. (Wonder if that was one of Simon’s clever ideas?) Showing only Jane’s facial reactions/expressions while chocking RJ was a ‘masterpiece’ of filming. One needn’t to have seen RJ’s face to relish the revenge sought for and accomplished after these many years. Pieces finally ‘fit in place’, questions answered. McAllister's explanation of how he knew the names of Jane’s list of suspects was because “He was psychic” was perfect… satisfaction to those viewers (despite Jane’s denial of such) who are ‘believers’ in this power. Will be interesting to see how Jane’s exonerated from this killing and allowed back in the states and crime solving. Only thing left hanging in the air for me was the woman who attacked Jane in the chapel (??)….she was last seen walking away in the cemetery as the FBI arrived. Perhaps she will be addressed again as the Blake conspiracy continues to be investigated. Hope everyone’s getting their VOTES in for People’s Choice! TM has been a great program from day one but this season, especially has truly been a ‘WINNER’!
Fran Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 10:06 PM | Message # 14
Fair Dinkum
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I thought it was a very exciting and satisfying episode, Simon was brilliant and once again I was impressed with Rockmond Dunbar. Unlike some people, I didn’t feel any sense of anti-climax, because I found the final confrontation between Jane and Red John met all my expectations - disturbing yet compelling. I thought Simon’s performance in those moments was stunning, it gave me goosebumps, and I thought the whole scene was so well-crafted, such a good decision not to have music during those moments. I too thought for a moment that Jane was going to hold the gun to his own head, it looked like it crossed his mind. I also loved the simplicity of the ending with Blake’s music now fading in to such good effect.

The only disappointment I felt was when I read Bruno’s comment that he only decided on Red John’s identity about a year ago. I’d always hoped that he had decided on RJ from Season 1 and that when we re-watched episodes we’d have the pleasure of spotting clever little clues dotted around, but now it seems more likely that we’ll be spotting discrepancies. And also we now know that any speculation and attempts at clue-spotting during all that time was pointless.
AgentM Date: Monday, 25-Nov-13, 11:36 PM | Message # 15
Bee's Knees
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Quote Fran ()
The only disappointment I felt was when I read Bruno’s comment that he only decided on Red John’s identity about a year ago. I’d always hoped that he had decided on RJ from Season 1 and that when we re-watched episodes we’d have the pleasure of spotting clever little clues dotted around, but now it seems more likely that we’ll be spotting discrepancies. And also we now know that any speculation and attempts at clue-spotting during all that time was pointless.

I totally agree, Fran. I'd decided who RJ was 5 years ago...I always pegged Bruno for having super smarts...when really he was kind of making it up as he went along. sad Bad Bruno! angry

I have to say, I was a bit gutted that my theory was wrong. weep Guess my chances of being an FBI profiler have just taken a beating! Even though there was the confrontation and Jane actually declaring that it was Red John (which he has done falsely on a couple of occasions now), part of me was still hoping McAllister was another front like Bertram and that Partridge was eventually going to materialise.

I was disappointed, I'll admit it...but then so was Jane. At least I was right about him stashing a gun in the chapel! And I figured that he wouldn't kill RJ with it...wasn't personal enough. I'd figured knife like he said he would use in S1...but then I actually think the strangulation was more apt, considering Jane has been so squeamish in the past...he still got to watch the life drain from RJ's face, but without the blood. Still, Jane's shooting skills have improved somewhat!

Simon's acting was as incredible as ever...there were so many emotions in his expressions (although the camera work reminded me a little of the scene in Not Forgotten when he slices and stabs the guy to death - it too focused on his face). Although I screamed out loud at the point when he seemed to consider doing something to himself with the gun, I knew he wouldn't. Though I expected it because it fits with Jane's character - I've said previously in another thread that there was the possibility Jane would consider such an he has completed his life's work and would experience more profound loss - the loss of his mission. Simon really does deserve more credit than the industry gives to him. He is untrained, for God's sake! It is pure talent.

I would also like to point out Robin Tunney's skills in this episode - understated but brilliantly played. Loved the emotion on her face as she looked around the CBI at the beginning of the episode.

Nice touches with the team standing together to get Abbott to let Jane go. Had a lump in my throat. Especially loved the body language - all of the team were standing in exactly the same stance. Also loved that Jane looked at Lisbon and she turned her head away to show that she was sticking by him but was still a little bit p****d with the whole idea of letting him do what he had to do.
The mother and daughter at the end was a nice symbolic touch too, as was the child's laughter.

I admit, I did laugh out loud when Bertram got shot. His 'Hey?' and subsequent drop to the floor really tickled me. Also chuckled at Cho and Rigsby still bickering in the car when they were under arrest. And when the team were hiding out in the parking lot.

I really like Abbott. I like his style. He is going to be much more of an ally than an enemy to Lisbon and Jane, I think.

I knew the woman in the chapel that stopped Jane from shooting RJ was one of the minions, so why didn't Jane figure it out until she pulled the knife? Loved the struggle though.

An episode I will watch over and over. Very well done, even if the outcome wasn't the one I wanted!

And well done to those who correctly guessed RJ's identity. hands

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