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    2014 (January) Madame LeFigaro
    02-Feb-14, 6:16 PM
    January 2014 - Madame LeFigaro
    Thanks to DS_Pallas for translation from French
    The confidences of Simon Baker
    By Astrid Taupin
    Simon Baker , the hero of the series " The Mentalist ", turns to be impulsive and optimistic 

    "I do not know anything about fashion "
    Hero of the cult series The Mentalist, the Australian actor embodies "Gentlemen Only", the new fragrance from Givenchy. Let's slip in the wake of this shy man.

    Madame Figaro. - Your main character trait ?
    Simon Baker: I am always optimistic.

    The one you are least proud of?
    The need to win. In me, it's a survival instinct. My father and brother are great athletes, we have always had this fierce determination to surpass ourselves. I think I gave it to my two boys.

    What do you hate in others?
    Dishonesty makes me crazy.

    If you could change something about you ?
    I would be a little less impulsive.

    Your thing against stress?
    Doing sport, jogging, surfing... And drink a good beer.

    Your green gesture?
    The most obvious thing to me is to fight excessive consumption. I only buy what I really need.

    The most successful thing that you ever did?
    My three children, a girl and two boys, aged between 20 and 12 years.

    What kind of father are you?
    I encourage them very much in what they like to do, to take risks to go through their passion.

    Your hero?
    Many have influenced me during my life, but the one that remains the greatest to me was my agent in Australia. He died from a galloping cancer. He was thirteen years older than me. He was my best friend, he was my best man at my wedding. He had all the qualities a man can have. I miss him terribly.
    The three basics of your wardrobe?
    In my closet, everything is blue. I pay particular attention to the choice of my jeans. Regardless of the brand, they should be comfortable. When I find a model that fits my criteria, I bought three pairs. The rest, I do not care.

    A fashion you find annoying?
    I do not know anything about fashion.

    Class, what is it for you?
    Being a gentleman. No matter what clothes you wear. Like style, it can not be bought.

    The top of vulgarity?

    Your casting for an ideal dinner at your home?
    There are many people I would like to have dinner with. But I am so shy that I would be afraid to feel out of place. Ultimately, the ideal dinner is with my bunch of friends with whom I can quietly have a drink, without fear of talking nonsense.

    The gift you offer the most often?
    Wine or Champagne.

    What is Australian in you?
    I know how to prepare a barbecue and I don't attach importance to social classes. The opposite of Americans.

    The craziest thing you have done in your life?
    Becoming an actor, that was not a given! I was born in Tasmania. Cinema was so far from my nest!

    The place you love most in the world?
    My house in Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia.

    Your obsession of the moment?
    I do not have that kind of neurosis.

    The sentence that unsettles you?
    "Why didn't you do that? " It makes me feel sad, there is always a sense of regret in it.

    Your "Proust madeleine"? (meaning something that brings back memories of youth)
    The smell of sunscreen.
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