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Monday, 27-Mar-17, 9:31 PM
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09 Copper Bullet
Fran Date: Thursday, 16-Oct-14, 11:48 PM | Message # 1
Fair Dinkum
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7.09 Copper Bullet


“Copper Bullet” – When Abbott’s old boss, Agent Peterson, threatens Abbott’s career –and possibly his freedom – Jane devises a risky plan to protect his friend’s future, on THE MENTALIST, Wednesday, Jan. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network.

CHEAT TWEET: Abbott could lose his career and freedom if his old boss burns him. Can Jane save the day? #TheMentalist 1/28 8pm http://bit.ly/1xMhRfP

Simon Baker (Patrick Jane)
Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon)
Tim Kang (Kimball Cho)
Rockmond Dunbar (Dennis Abbot)
Joe Adler (Jason Wylie)
Josie Loren (Michelle Vega)

Dylan Baker (Agent Peterson)
Christina Adams (Lena Baker)
M.C. Gainey (Pete Barsocky)
Tangie Ambrose (Samantha Barsocky)

Shenik Taylor (Stacey)
Cheryl Lynn Bowers (Missy)
Braden Lynch (Legislative Aide)
Stephan Jared (Cop)

WRITTEN BY: Tom Donaghy
Hayseed Date: Friday, 17-Oct-14, 4:44 AM | Message # 2
Bee's Knees
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I am so excited about "Sam" being back.
bee Date: Friday, 17-Oct-14, 9:31 AM | Message # 3
Fair Dinkum
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Sam and Pete are Jane's "carny family" so I hope we see Pete too.
DS_Pallas Date: Friday, 17-Oct-14, 11:06 AM | Message # 4
Fair Dinkum
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Yes, we will see Pete too…

@Aleee_O: What two people return in episode 7.09 "Copper Bullet" in #TheMentalist? M.C. Gainey and @TangieAmbrose!

Tangie Ambrose ‏@TangieAmbrose
@MiriamMaddalena @Aleee_O YAY!!!!!!! ME and my MAN!!!!!!!!!!

Fran Date: Friday, 09-Jan-15, 12:30 PM | Message # 5
Fair Dinkum
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1st post updated with Press Release (& promo photo added to Gallery)
June Date: Friday, 09-Jan-15, 5:58 PM | Message # 6
Bee's Knees
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Looks really good! I loved the interaction between Jane and Abbott last episode, specially when Abbott told Jane all the truth about Rio Bravo, great scene. Besides, Sam and Pete come back, I guess to help Jane in his risky plan.
kim Date: Saturday, 10-Jan-15, 3:15 AM | Message # 7
Bee's Knees
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I think this episode is shaping up to be really fun!
Ivana Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-15, 11:03 AM | Message # 8
Fair Dinkum
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Another great episode, I liked it very much. It had a great pace with interesting case, great con, lot's of funny moments, Jane's carnie family, Jane's beautifull hair, emotional Jane, team bonding, dance party, cute kitty and icecream smile

It showed Jane's morality. He helped Abbot not just because he is a friend but because he is a good man who risked his life for a greater good and Jane wants to protect that and punish a bad guy who could make important political influence if nobody stopped him.
Ivana Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-15, 11:05 AM | Message # 9
Fair Dinkum
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Nice review (not mine)

June Date: Saturday, 31-Jan-15, 6:46 PM | Message # 10
Bee's Knees
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They did it again. I love everything in this episode and I've watched it only once. The best friends ever, a perfect team, even Vega is already essential. Many important scenes, emotional moments. Pete and Sam. Finally Jane told Lisbon why he did what he did and I think it's not an ended conversation.
Tina Date: Monday, 02-Feb-15, 5:17 PM | Message # 11
Fair Dinkum
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I love it! Another great episode. That makes it even harder to say goodbye ...now that it's getting better and better.

How far has it come ..when I think about the first meetings of Abbott, Jane and Cho ...and now Abbott calls Jane a friend and that he would trust him with his life. And Cho .. he so deserves it!
Nice to see Pete and Sam back.
The ending ...another great and very emotional one.
June Date: Tuesday, 03-Feb-15, 12:47 PM | Message # 12
Bee's Knees
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Quote tinamarianne ()
That makes it even harder to say goodbye ...now that it's getting better and better.

Yes, I feel the same but I'm so confident that it's going to be like that until the end, even better, that I'm happy because we will have a series properly and wonderfully ended. That is the most important thing, I think.
The last scene with Cho moved me to tears because it reminded me the first season, when we started to know all of them. Seven years is a long journey.
DS_Pallas Date: Tuesday, 03-Feb-15, 2:00 PM | Message # 13
Fair Dinkum
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Loved the episode! Loved the con with Sam and Pete, and the scenes at Peterson's home (that grey cat! I want the same!). Loved the friendship and trust between Abbott and Jane, and Abbott and his team. And the team's members interactions. Nicely done.
Love the fact they come up with the ring question… And how Jane dryly brushed off Pete.

But I had some frustrations too.

First, NO meeting between Sam, Pete and "Pepper". What!? Why did the writer avoided to offer us a scene with Lisbon meeting Jane's carnie surrogate family?? I can't understand. Would have been a great occasion, even if a brief one, to have some insight in Jane past, or Sam or Pete gently make fun of Jane etc. Because Jane was clearly so happy to tell he was seeing someone to his old friends… A wasted opportunity IMO.

Second, the way they wrote Lisbon in the final scene at the ball. Why have writen her so oblivious of Jane's anxiety?
"You can't be jealous of my job" Really? Come on, Lisbon is the only human being on the surface of the planet who knows Jane so well. Of course "It's not that", as he answers. When she asks "What is it?", I do cringe. Really? She doesn't know? When he answers "I don't want to lose you. I don't know how I would react", she still has no idea? While she knows this man has already lost everything he loved in one night, 12 years ago, and spent the following 6 months in a mental institution after that??
SO incredible.
I undestand that she wants to be positive and cheer him up, telling him everybody can suddenly die, so it's better to focus on the very good things happenning right now between them, the "Carpe Diem" motto. But what an under-assessment of Jane's fears and deep pains, from the woman who loves him and knows him so well. It's Out Of Character, really.
And if it's just a writing device for the events to come in the next episode, well I'm sorry it's clumsy.

The good thing at the end is Lisbon and Jane "coming out", it was time! happy
But THIRD, why depriving us from the pleasure of seeing J&L dancing? They choose to hide them under the tent and fade to black so quickly… Grrrr angry

Message edited by DS_Pallas - Tuesday, 03-Feb-15, 2:55 PM
Tina Date: Tuesday, 03-Feb-15, 2:31 PM | Message # 14
Fair Dinkum
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DS, I agree. Lisbon should know Jane better.
I was also not happy with the way Lisbon acted in Season 6 at the end. ...knowing nothing about Jane and his feelings after all these years working with him.
I would have loved to see a bit more with Sam and Pete with Jane. And yes, Lisbon.
But all in all I love the episode.

Yes June, TM goes out on a high level of quality, I'm happy about that. I'm okay with it it's ending, but I will always also be a bit sad about it. I just love Jane so much.
When I see other shows..... that became boring over the years but are still running and running with mediocre stories.
I'm happy TM is still sooo good and fun to watch.
redbird Date: Wednesday, 04-Feb-15, 0:03 AM | Message # 15
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I really, really enjoyed this episode. Patrick Jane is never better than when he's working to help someone he cares about.

Things I liked:
- The continuing growth of the Jane/Abbott friendship. Hearing Abbott's wife say that Abbott would trust Jane with his life was major.
- The unconditional commitment of the whole team to help Abbott despite the fact that they knew that they'd be breaking more than one law.
- Seeing Sam & Pete again. It's always nice to see reminders of the pre-FBI Mentalist as well as reminders of Jane's past.
- Jane's plan to save Abbott. Where does he come up with these things?

Things I didn't like:
- Lisbon's lack of understanding of what is truly bothering Jane and why he's bothered. It's almost like she's forgotten how he lost his family.
- The lack of any interaction between Lisbon, Sam & Pete. I missed hearing Lisbon being referred to as Pepper.
- Ending the show without letting us really see Jane & Lisbon dance.
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