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Simon News, Articles, Info - Part 1
Fran Date: Monday, 17-Oct-11, 11:43 PM | Message # 16
Fair Dinkum
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17th October

Justin Rielly tweeted "set for tomorrow morning on @13WHAM: Simon Baker (The Mentalist) and James Roday & Dule Hill (Psych)"

(Not really sure what this is, I think its a local TV news program, @13WHAM is described as an ABC affiliate in Rochester, NY. So looks as though Simon is staying in NY overnight and doing another Margin Call interview)

Also Steven Weintraub from tweeted:
"prepping for my Simon Baker interview. Interview is in an hr or so"
"Simon Baker and Psych's James Roday & Dule Hill are on @13WHAM tomorrow morning"
justlook3 Date: Tuesday, 18-Oct-11, 1:12 AM | Message # 17
Bee's Knees
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I'm thinking that Simon will probably be interviewed in New York. It's probably going to be one of many. Probably one of those where the celeb's in the room and each interviewer gets a handful of minutes to interview them. Either that or it will be a generic interview where the questions are asked off screen and the responses are shown. That's another one you see around the time that movies come out, entertainment reporter introduces clip then we get clip of celeb in front of movie poster. smile
Rorchester is roughly 300 miles from NYC so Simon probably won't be actually on the show, though there could be a satellite deal but more likely they were pretaped this afternoon. Probably part of this same thing that Steven Weintraub is doing.
Fran Date: Tuesday, 18-Oct-11, 1:12 AM | Message # 18
Fair Dinkum
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Don't know if this is true, not yet confirmed by official Parramatta Eels website/twitter.

Tweeted by @NRLNEWS
"Australian actor, Eels fan and The Mentalist star Simon Baker, has been made an ambassador for the Blue and Gold Army."

Update: Now confirmed, photos here:
Fran Date: Saturday, 22-Oct-11, 0:57 AM | Message # 19
Fair Dinkum
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Tweeted today "I almost hit Simon Baker (Mentalist) on his bike with a golf Cart and he smiled at me when he realized I recognized him - So cute!"
alibongo Date: Monday, 24-Oct-11, 8:27 AM | Message # 20
Ankle Biter
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Hi does anybody know when margin call is going to hit cinemas here. so far the film has been getting rave reviews. hope its soon
Fran Date: Monday, 24-Oct-11, 11:37 AM | Message # 21
Fair Dinkum
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Quote (alibongo)
Hi does anybody know when margin call is going to hit cinemas here. so far the film has been getting rave reviews. hope its soon

You'll find Margin Call information in the Margin Call thread:

Latest news on UK from official MarginCall twitter was 9th October - "Stealth Media is releasing Margin Call in theatres in the UK. Date to be decided. Likely January 2012"
Fran Date: Wednesday, 26-Oct-11, 10:09 AM | Message # 22
Fair Dinkum
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Robin Tunney interview mainly about her working relationship with Simon:

WHEN Simon Baker inked a new $30 million deal to continue his starring role on The Mentalist, his female co-star was quick to hit him where it hurts.

Robin Tunney, who plays detective Teresa Lisbon opposite Baker's psychic consultant Patrick Jane, wasn't going to miss her piece of the action.

"When they published how much money he's making," she tells Switched On, "I sent him a text asking if I could borrow $3000. I was like 'you can't tell me you don't have it'."

The joke says everything about the relationship between Tunney and Baker, who she laughingly calls "cougar meat".

They are more teasing siblings than your average, will-they, won't-they TV couple.

As the 39-year-old explains, the jibes go both ways, with Baker returning fire on his co-star.

"Are you kidding ... there are so many lines of attack," she says. "He's constantly teasing me. We've joked around that on television, it's too busy a schedule to do much acting. So whatever is going up on screen - the teasing, the fondness, as the relationship's progressed - it's just us in real life and how comfortable we are with each other. There's very little acting involved. We're pretty lucky."

In an industry where egos can be measured against bank balances, the attitude of Baker and Tunney is more than luck, it's a rarity.

Rather than showing any sign of jealousy, Tunney says she's grateful for the opportunity to work alongside TV's golden boy.

"Let's face it, most actors aren't rocket scientists and are really fragile," she says.

"The idea that I'm working with somebody who makes my day so much shorter ... he just makes me better."

Their bond is central to the success of the show, now in its fourth season on Nine.

Fans were left hanging about the fate of Baker and Tunney's characters at the end of series three with Jane killing the man he believed to be his nemesis Red John, while Lisbon was shot in the hunt for the serial killer.

Joining the cast this year is actor Henry Thomas (of E.T. fame), who plays the bounty-hunting brother of Lisbon.

Tunney says Thomas reveals "why Teresa can put up with so much from Jane, because she's had this brother always getting her into messes her whole life. It's normal to her."

She says her ease around Baker can be explained by the relationships she's had with Australians, on-screen and off.

"I can't seem to get away from Australians," she says.

"I used to go out with an Australian (Chopper writer/director Andrew Dominik) for a really long time. Ben Mendelsohn is one of my great friends. The cultural teasing is there ... but you always know where you stand. If they tell you you've done a great job they mean it."

But she stops short of wanting to see her "TV marriage" to Baker cross that romantic line.

"All these people are dying for you to get together but it's not a soap opera. It's not Grey's Anatomy, it's not about people in the bedroom," Tunney says. "I mean, are we supposed to be giving furtive glances over dead bodies? How's that going to work? It's much more fun for people to want it, than for it to actually happen."

Two people who would like to see it happen are Tunney's parents, big Baker fans.

"I think my mother would like to come out and be my kissing double," she says.

"He's incredibly sweet to my parents and I'm pretty sure they like him more than me. My dad will call and say 'you must tell Simon, in tonight's episode, he took my breath away. The show was amazing'. No mention of me and I'm like, 'Daaaaaaad'."
Fran Date: Thursday, 27-Oct-11, 11:18 PM | Message # 23
Fair Dinkum
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In Money Matters, 'Mentalist' Simon Baker Keeps His Head

Simon Baker plays a not-quite-psychic sleuth on the CBS series The Mentalist, but he says it doesn't take a mind-reader to manage money. "One thing I've learned is that with success comes opportunity," he tells The Price of Fame. "Some opportunity is the wrong opportunity."

Baker, 42, has a pivotal role in the new movie Margin Call, an indie drama about the suits who put America in the financial dumpster. He plays a barracuda brokerage boss who will do anything to keep his high-rollers solvent. "If you're investing money, I don't think he's the one to fear," Baker says. "But as far as empathy, I don't think he has a lot."

You wouldn't catch the real-life Baker near any kind of market play. "I don't like buying stuff that I can't feel, or hold or sit underneath," he says. He despises credit, too, but realizes no one is renting cars with a prepaid handshake. "I'm very old-fashioned and very practical in that sense."

Baker landed The Mentalist as the economy soured in 2008. He now makes a reported $435,000 per episode, the highest salary of any actor in a dramatic series. Risk-aversion and his hefty paycheck have "protected" him in the downturn, he says.

Wealth is a relatively new reality for The Devil Wears Prada star. He grew up in a working-class household, first in Tasmania, Australia, and then in Sydney. His father was a school groundskeeper. His stepfather -- the man he knew as his biological father until later in life -- worked as a butcher. His mother patrolled a store as a security guard for a time, according to one biography. Nobody was doling out financial advice, he recalls. "My parents didn't have a pot to piss in, so it was like, 'You work hard, you get paid.'"

Not that this philosophy was ever verbalized. "Money was never good conversation in my house because there was always a lack of it," he continues. "So any conversation about money was an embarrassing conversation for them. So they never had one. I didn't even realize I had to file a tax return after I left home."

Baker learned about personal finance on the job trail, working as a bartender, time-share salesman, ceiling-fan installer and props man on movie crews. In the late '80s, the dashing lad started to get work in front of the camera on music videos, which led to a prime role on an Aussie soap called E Street. His growing popularity Down Under fueled his desire to make it in Hollywood, so he moved to Los Angeles in 1995.

He became known to American film audiences with two other Aussies -- Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce -- in the 1997 noir L.A. Confidential. He earned his TV stripes with a three-season run as a hotshot druggie lawyer turned child protector on CBS's The Guardian (2001-2004).

As his career took off, he found one of the few investments he was willing put money into: real estate. The father of three owns two homes in Australia. One is near exclusive Byron Bay, where he can surf.

Meanwhile, The Mentalist has invested heavily in him. Baker's revamped contract reportedly provides a generous back-end -- a cut of the show's profits -- plus a producer's share and a bigger slice of syndication returns. The program currently is watched by 13 million Americans in its Thursday 10 p.m. time slot, according to the Nielsen ratings.

It's safe to say Baker's within budget when he indulges his main splurge -- gourmet food. But the luxury of choice isn't always something the A-list can afford, according to Baker. He offers the old saw that money can be a great servant but a wicked master. "And if you let it get the better of you and you have a lot of it," he says, "then you're really enslaved to it still."
Fran Date: Friday, 28-Oct-11, 0:38 AM | Message # 24
Fair Dinkum
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Sandie Newton

We talk to Simon Baker about The Mentalist and Margin Call. **swooon**. Today at 4p on CBS11 and
Simon Baker tells us what it is about #THE MENTALIST that has made it such a huge hit...and why he needed to do #Margin Call! Only on!
Fran Date: Sunday, 30-Oct-11, 2:03 AM | Message # 25
Fair Dinkum
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Robin Tunney interview, much of it about Simon:

October 2011 Sunday Herald Sun

The Mentalist's Robin Tunney resists Simon Baker's charm offensive
By Anooska Tucker-Evans

Mental as Anything

There are few women in the world who wouldn't want to kiss Australian actor Simon Baker. But his co-star Robin Tunney is one of them.

Tunney plays Det. Teresa Lisbon on the hit crime drama and says, despite there being inklings of romance between her character and Patrick Jane (Baker) throughout the first three seasons, a love match would be a bad idea.

"I don't know where it would go from there unless it was the end of the show because it's not one of the television dramas that shows you what's going on behind closed doors", she says.

"Like, are we supposed to be holding hands at crime scenes? Or that we have a Mentalist Junior and bring the baby to see dead bodies? I feel like, by virtue of the fact that they're the opposite sex, everyone is like, 'Is there going to be romance?' I feel like if there was, it would be embarrassing the next episode."

While Tunney is clearly against the idea, she says the decision is not up to her so it still might happen- a prospect that makes her mother very happy.

"My mum's like, 'So are you and Simon going to kiss this year? I feel that the romance is really going to happen this year'", Tunney says, imitating her mother. "And I'm like, 'Mum, I have no idea', and she's like 'Yes you do and you just can't tell me'. I'm like 'Mum, I don't work for CIA, it's CBS, we're not that serious. But I'd tell you if I knew.'"

There may be no love on screen for the pair at the moment, but off screen the two share a genuine, platonic fondness for each other.
Tunney cannot speak highly enough of Baker, praising him for everything from his work ethic to his devotion for his wife, Australian actress Rebecca Rigg.

"He's got a great marriage, he's got a fantastic wife and I think the idea that he's been married for (so long) is the best thing for me because he's in such a solid situation", Tunney says. "He loves women and he really respects them and he's the guy who can go, 'Oh, that girl's pretty, but it's like the most benign thing in the world".

The 39-year-old calls Baker her "TV husband" and says he is her rock. "I'm really scared when this show ends because I really rely on him for advice on things" she says. "I'm like, 'Well, what do you think if I bought this house?' I have a strong, male figure who's in my life all the time".

Tunney, who got her first break in the witch film 'The Craft', also credits Baker with making her a better actor. Having done little TV work before 'The Mentalist', apart from guest roles and a two-year stint in the drama 'Prison Break', Tunney says she has learned a lot from Baker who starred in 'Home and Away' and Heartbreak High before scoring the lead role in the hit American legal series 'The Guardian'.

"He loves going to work and I think that attitude on set definitely goes from the top down", she says. "He expects everybody to work really hard. I think a lot of other people are, like, asleep at the wheel by this point (season four) and they're happy to do the same thing they've always done, but it's because of Simon that you want to go and do a great job. "The bar is raised and it's largely due to him".

She even says when the series does end she will be stealing some of his tricks of the trade. "There are little tricks that he used going in (to the series) I wish I knew, like, 'Yeah, my character has a couch that he likes to lay on', so he doesn't have to stand up in those scenes. And 'My character wears really nice suits so I'll be looking dapper of the next seven years'", she says imitating Baker's voice. "He's very specific in those choices and if I ever did another TV show again I'd totally rip him off".

Rather than another TV series, though, Tunney says her next step would be into film.
In The Mentalist off-season she starred in the small independent film See Girl Run, which she says reinvigorated her after playing Lisbon for so long.

"Playing a different character was really fun and it's great to be surrounded by a different energy", she says. "When you're trying to make an independent film it's like a group of kids trying to push a rock up a hill. They're there for the right reasons because they want to learn and they're given opportunities that they wouldn't normally get".

While movies may be Tunney's long-term plan, she says she is content to remain on The Mentalist as long as the storylines continue to be interesting and the characters keep developing. "I feel blessed to have a place to go where I like everybody and it really is a family and I feel like it's helping my acting", she says.

When it is time for the show to end though, Tunney and Baker have a plan. "We want to do the last season on the Gold Coast where his farm is", says Tunney, who has been to Australia 10 times. "He's like, 'Tunney will go, she loves Australia'."
Fran Date: Wednesday, 02-Nov-11, 1:56 PM | Message # 26
Fair Dinkum
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Excerpt from interview with Mark Weiler (Episode 1.15 Scarlett Fever)

You continued to play roles in the late-night cable shows, but appeared in the television series ‘The Mentalist’ in 2009. Tell us about your role in this production, and about the production itself.

MW- I played George the Gangster, who was accused of many murders. Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) hypnotized me to get the truth, even though it was illegal on his part. I was impressed by Simon. He was well prepared, came in and told the director what he had in mind, and walked us all through it. The director agreed and we did it as Simon had prescribed. This was just after Christmas break 2008, and most of the cast and crew had been working steadily on the show since its inception, and hadn’t had much personal time. So on set they were talking about their Christmas vacations and saying, “did you know this show was a hit? I had no idea. My whole family loves the show. Did you know that Simon’s on the cover of… (this magazine and that magazine)?” It was pretty funny. I knew more about how the show was being received than they did.

Fran Date: Saturday, 05-Nov-11, 12:50 PM | Message # 27
Fair Dinkum
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4th November - tweeted by @Marantu - Mariana Antunano, Photographer

"working with Simon Baker @ "The Mentalist" today, he is such a nice person. Always a Joy."

Maybe photoshoot for new promo pictures?
Fran Date: Monday, 07-Nov-11, 0:45 AM | Message # 28
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I'm posting these screen prints for people searching for the answer to the question 'Is Simon Baker on Facebook?' - No he isn't.

Fran Date: Monday, 07-Nov-11, 1:38 PM | Message # 29
Fair Dinkum
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Simon was spotted in Portland yesterday (visiting Stella).
Alejandra Date: Monday, 07-Nov-11, 2:02 PM | Message # 30
Ankle Biter
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Quote (Fran)
Simon was spotted in Portland yesterday (visiting Stella).

You know what Stella is studying? Did something related to photography?
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