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Forum » Simon / Fun / Videos » Simon News & Chat » Poems on Simon Baker. His t.v shows and films
Poems on Simon Baker. His t.v shows and films
Juney Date: Wednesday, 17-Apr-13, 6:04 PM | Message # 31
Bee's Knees
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Mossi, (if I may be so bold to shorten your name), you really are talented. It's lovely to read, they rhyme as well, so much modern poetry doesn't.
Mossibecca Date: Thursday, 18-Apr-13, 5:11 PM | Message # 32
Bee's Knees
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Thank you Juney, I am glad that you enjoyed them, when I do a few at once I tend to start to think in rhyme...and I am a bit old fashioned....if it doesn't rhyme...for me it isn't a poem!!

Here are another couple, the first one....I am a BIG tea drinker, and it always makes me smile when Patrick makes his fuss over tea....I do too biggrin

Tea Time

Time to put the kettle on
Time to make some tea
A teabag in for Lisbon
A teabag in for me
Leave to brew for just a while
pour it out into the cup
Sit down and savour quietly
A tasty 'pick-me-up'

Tea is not for everyone
It's coffee true for most
But if it is made properly
which I do...I shouldn't boast!
It's a drink for all occasions
A cup that cheers, and clears a frown
I've made a pot, let's drink it
Here's your tea, come here, sit down.

It goes well with so many things
A sandwich, cake or toast
and is drunk in many places
from the mountains to the coast
In cups in English drawing rooms
In builders yards across the world
In the wild Australian outback too
So come on....give it a whirl!!


This one I wrote a while ago and posted on another site...at the time Simon was doing a whirl of interviews, much like now with the promotion of the film, and I wondered if he enjoyed the silly questions and what was running through his mind at the time. Now of course he may really enjoy repeating himself, but this is my take on what goes through his mind when he is asked for the umpteenth time about his hair!!

There is more to me.

My name is Simon Baker
I Produce, Direct and Act
I am a complete film maker
and so I have to ask
Why, when I'm being interviewed
instead of questions about this
I'm bombarded with such trivia
about stuff that's meaningless

I want to talk about the parts I play
My current and future roles
About plans I have to Direct films
About dreams within my soul
But no....they only want to ask
about my accent, clothes and specs!!
Do I prefer briefs to boxers?
and will I show my pecs??!!

Sometimes I feel I waste my time
they only see my face
They don't care what I feel or think
I'm lost without a trace
But then I get surprised again
Appreciation from my peers
A star on Hollywood's 'Walk of Fame'
It made me shed some tears

I appreciate my family
My friends and colleagues too
They love and understand me
and watch my dreams come true
The interviews, the photocalls
I know that they don't matter
That those who know the real me
Can see the truth amidst the patter.
beautyfulbabyboy Date: Thursday, 18-Apr-13, 5:54 PM | Message # 33
True Blue
Messages: 782
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Again: hands hands hands
Very well done, Mossibecca!
I need a "hug in a cup" now .
Evy Date: Thursday, 18-Apr-13, 6:08 PM | Message # 34
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 1233
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What a talent !
Mossibecca with poems
Tinamarianne and her knitted dolls
Beautifulbabyboy and drawings!
I'm really impressed. Only one word : CONGRATULATIONS ! hands hands
Juney Date: Thursday, 18-Apr-13, 8:12 PM | Message # 35
Bee's Knees
Messages: 606
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Well done Mossibecca. Another two to read and re-read. biggrin hands
Lena Date: Friday, 19-Apr-13, 8:50 AM | Message # 36
Messages: 185
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Mossibecca your poems are so lovely, you're very creative.
Mossibecca Date: Friday, 19-Apr-13, 10:43 AM | Message # 37
Bee's Knees
Messages: 540
Status: Offline
Thank you for the kind words girls....if you aren't careful I will post some more, and THEN you will be sorry!! biggrin
Forum » Simon / Fun / Videos » Simon News & Chat » Poems on Simon Baker. His t.v shows and films
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