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Articles & Info (not Simon-specific)
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:07 AM | Message # 1
Fair Dinkum
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Mentalist related articles and interviews which are not specifically about Simon. Several of these have been moved from a different thread, so the dates on them are wrong.

Note that Simon articles and interviews are in the main Articles section of the site or under 'Simon Chat' in the Forum.
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:08 AM | Message # 2
Fair Dinkum
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'The Mentalist' Co-Stars Get Salary Bumps

EXCLUSIVE: After renegotiating Simon Baker's deal late last year to give the Mentalist star a major salary bump, series producer Warner Bros. TV has now done the same for the rest of the cast of the CBS crime procedural, which returns for a fourth season this fall. Like Baker, co-stars Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti, Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman have all added an extra year to their existing six-year contracts.

In exchange, I hear Tunney, who was most recently at about $75,000 an episode, will now go up to over $100,000 an episode next season with built-in yearly salary increases that will bring her up to almost $200,000 per episode at the end of her contract. Word is that Righetti, Kang and Yeoman, who were in the $40,000-$50,000 per episode range, are going up to $70,000-$80,000 an episode with escalators that will take them to over $100,000 in Season 6 and all the way to $150,000 per episode in Season 7.

Under Baker's renegotiated deal, valued at more than $30 million, he is now making $350,000 an episode, a fee that is slated to go up every season, in addition to a significant piece of the series' back end. The Mentalist was sold in off-network syndication in November 2009 in a rich deal with TNT that is fetching Warner Bros. $2.2 million-$2.3 million an episode.

Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:08 AM | Message # 3
Fair Dinkum
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This is just a local article about traffic congestion caused by The Mentalist filming yesterday. The bit that interested me was the length of time that the production crew needed traffic lanes to be closed - from 6am to midnight.

Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:08 AM | Message # 4
Fair Dinkum
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Five Predictions for Season 4 of 'The Mentalist' (Thoughts of another Yahoo Contributor): http://tv.yahoo.com/news....91.html
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:08 AM | Message # 5
Fair Dinkum
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Excerpt from CBS Press Release

CBS TWEET WEEK is Back Featuring Live Tweeting with Network Stars
Fans of CBS Television Network's primetime series will be able to log on to their Twitter accounts or CBS.com to watch selected actors and producers tweet live during the broadcast of their respective programs. Throughout the shows, fans will be given special first-hand commentary and the opportunity to submit questions directly to the talent.

To participate in Tweet Week, fans can either follow on Twitter or log on to http://www.cbs.com/shows/fall_premieres_2011/tweet_week/ at the scheduled start times. Fans participating via Twitter should use #CBSTweetWeek or the talent's Twitter handle when submitting questions.

Thursday, September 15
7pm PT / 10pm ET: THE MENTALIST Executive Producers Bruno Heller and Chris Long - #TheMentalist

(A replay of the Season 3 Finale is being aired)
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:08 AM | Message # 6
Fair Dinkum
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Onset photo from 9th September 2011 - 4.05 Blood & Sand
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:08 AM | Message # 7
Fair Dinkum
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This is old, from December 2010, but there are some interesting onset photos (none with Simon) from The Mentalist filming in Fillmore:

Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:09 AM | Message # 8
Fair Dinkum
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Filming 4.07 'Blinking Red Light' today at a retail store in Angelino Heights.
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:09 AM | Message # 9
Fair Dinkum
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Excerpt from the Sacramento Bee 29th September

Lucy Steffens, the city's film commissioner, is trying to get SoCal producers of "The Mentalist" to return here for more filming of a hit show that's "set" in Sacramento but seldom shot here.

Earlier this year she was helping them arrange a scene with a "helicopter chase" on Capitol Mall. "Mentalist" stars, including Simon Baker, would be in an SUV headed toward the Capitol, pursued by bad guys in a copter.

Ultimately the scene was deemed too expensive to shoot.

Too bad. Says Steffens, "Wouldn't it have been fun to see that?"

Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:09 AM | Message # 10
Fair Dinkum
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Australian ratings - maybe the ANZ ads are working!

And Nine held and improved that audience with the US series The Mentalist, which pulled 1.07 million viewers, its best performance for 2011.
1 The X Factor (Seven) 1,255,000
2 Today Tonight (Seven) 1,214,000
3 Seven News (Seven) 1,184,000
4 The Mentalist (Nine) 1,070,000

Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:09 AM | Message # 11
Fair Dinkum
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Information on The Mentalist post-production from a young Post Production Assistant on the show

A Post Production Assistant is an entry level position and pay starts at $650 a week. Other positions in the Post Production department are Post Supervisor, Associate Producer, Editors and Assistant Editor. The length of workdays vary, but are usually about 12 hours.

Note that "Dailies" is the term used for the raw unedited takes, shot the day before that the editors cut from.

The Production crew all have offices under one roof at the Warner Bros lot. Writers, a few producers, and locations upstairs. Then the rest of the producers, production, and post production are downstairs. Simon visits the office quite often, Robin occasionally, Amanda, Tim and Owain rarely. Simon is described as a nice guy, very focused and totally different to Jane. The only thing that is not done at these offices are visual effects and music composing.

They usually shoot about 18 hours worth of footage for each episode.

In Editorial they work on about 3-6 episodes at a time. The workflow is split up between 3 teams consisting of 1 Editor and 1 Assistant Editor. Initially an editor has about 12 days (8 days of incoming dailies and 4 days following) to assemble their cut. Overall it takes about 5 weeks to edit an episode to final cut, because there is a lot of waiting for notes from producers, the studio, network, etc., and 7 weeks total from first cut to final delivery.

Sound post-editing and mixing takes 2 days. The picture editors put in a lot of temp music and audio effects to help the audio guys down the line.

No matter what you shoot, the Dailies look milky. The Mentalist is not too demanding on color correction, although, the final product does look really great after its color corrected since its shot on 35mm. The talented colorist does each 40 minute episode in about 10-12 hours.

They don't reshoot scenes that often but it still happens. Maybe a few times a season. Inserts are more common to shoot after principle photography.
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:09 AM | Message # 12
Fair Dinkum
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CBS - How much money CBS earns for TV advertising for each show

Note: these prices were paid for early on before this season's ratings
Cost is for 30 second AD time.

Two and a Half Men $252,418
Big Bang Theory $198,348
Mike & Molly $196,497
Person of Interest $174,574
How I Met Your Mother $168,829
2 Broke Girls $166,678
The Mentalist $154,781
NCIS $154,646
Survivor $144,478
The Good Wife $137,457
Criminal Minds $137,347
CSI $135,350
NCIS: Los Angeles $133,204
Unforgettable $131,815
Hawaii Five-0 $130,514
How To Be A Gentleman (cancelled) $128,147
The Amazing Race $124,091
60 Minutes $122,075
CSI Miami $98,027
Blue Bloods $76,133
CSI NY $71,909
A Gifted Man $63,827

Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:09 AM | Message # 13
Fair Dinkum
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Michael Rady interview, mainly about The Mentalist.


'The Mentalist' Co-Star Michael Rady Talks Simon Baker's Directing Style, First Day Jitters and Two Upcoming Projects
The actor, also set to appear in "J. Edgar" and "House of Lies," plays the young boss of the California Bureau of Investigation on the CBS procedural but tells THR that he "didn't know how long I was going to be around."

A new investigation into a serial killer may be hitting a little close to home for Patrick Jane on The Mentalist. The latest case of the week, featured in Thursday's episode "Blinking Red Light," centers on a serial killer who gains notoriety in the media. It's not just any episode; it marks series star Simon Baker's second stint behind the camera on the CBS procedural. (Baker, who portrays the unconventional investigator, directed his first Mentalist episode in its third season.) But things aren't hunky dory at the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

As the young boss of the CBI Luther Wainwright, co-star Michael Rady, who was a regular on the one-and-done Melrose Place reboot on the CW, told The Hollywood Reporter that "the pressure's on" to make the team "look good." "He tells his crew, 'Look, let's not screw this up,' " he said. Rady, who has a small role in the Clint Eastwood film J. Edgar and appears in the upcoming Showtime comedy House of Lies, spoke to THR about playing a young boss, being directed by Baker and those two anticipated projects.

The Hollywood Reporter: You're in the thick of things on The Mentalist. When is your next episode?

Michael Rady: The next episode for me, shooting-wise, is in another week and a half. I like going back there and going, "What happened? What happened while I was gone?"

THR: Can you talk about where Luther Wainwright is at, at this point in the fourth season?

Rady: This week, you'll see Wainwright trying to walk the line and jostle for position over the FBI for control over this new investigation centered on the San Joaquin serial killer, who has been out and about for a few months. It's getting national coverage now so Luther sees part of his job as getting CBI to look good again and putting its foot forward in the media as well. He believes in the CBI and wants them to be right up there [with the other agencies]. He tells his crew, "Look, let's not screw this one up." The pressure's on. Like a good parent, "OK, you can do what you want to do but we also have to do what I want to do. And hopefully we can make this work." There's some chasing in and around all that.

THR: And Wainwright's a young boss. How has his presence affected the team? Is there an awkward, uncomfortable tension there?

Rady: That's inherent in him being the new guy, thrust into this world of this well-oiled machine. On top of that, he has these ideas of trust and transparency, completely foreign ideas based on their recent history. He's so young, they can't help but wonder, "Is this guy for real? Is he serious?" He doesn't even look old enough to drive. For me, I was trying to -- given the inherent nature of that -- give them respect so I can get respect back. Listening to them and listening to Patrick's wild ideas and his crazy antics and let him have his say and then speak. Listening first and going from there. I saw that as his key to survival in this Patrick Jane world.

THR: Were there any challenges as an actor jumping into an established show?

Rady: The first thing we shot was actually the scene where I meet everyone for the first time so that was rather appropriate. Of course, I didn't know anyone. I couldn't help being a little nervous because they've had about a thousand bosses; OK, I'm just the next boss. When I was introduced the first day, it was, "Oh you're the new boss. Gotcha. We're not even going to bother learning your name because you're going to be gone in a week." [Laughs] They didn't say that but I didn't know how long I was going to be around.

The language is chock full of gigantic SAT words and tongue-twisters. Everything you say is a mouthful. The first couple days I was getting a little overwhelmed by it and then I realized it happens to every single cast member. They have their moments of, "Wait! What the hell am I saying? I don't even know what I'm saying anymore." That put me at ease. I was able to relax.

THR: How is Simon as a director?

Rady: I was taking the Luther Wainwright approach of listening, watching and learning because he's been doing this forever. He has a vision and he knows what he wants. I was happy where I could see him do exactly how he wanted it. He's got a discerning eye. He shoots from the hip, he thinks in the moment and he's like, "Here, try this. You know what, let's do this, lets try this." If something isn't working, he throws it out. "That's not working it at all, it's crap." That's invigorating. Doing television, that can be helpful. You can get in the zone.

THR: Is directing something that you're interested in tackling?

Rady: I don't necessarily know. At this point, I'm still just fascinated by it because it seems like such a massive job. I'm anticipating that at some point I'll want to direct just because of observing and watching, trying to wrap around my head around all the things we as actors don't even know a director does. I'm still wrapping my head around all that.

THR: You'll also be appearing in Showtime's House of Lies, about a group of management consultants. Was that a different experience from The Mentalist?

Rady: It's a different style of show in general. I can't liken it to anything, which is something I love about it. It creates its own fingerprint, style-wise. It's not like The Office or Entourage. It has its own look, writing style, humor. The producers from the start told everyone, "You can do whatever you want to do. Everyone was allowed to stretch their wings and explore their creativity and their ideas." I'm playing Kristen Bell's fiance Wes. Don Cheadle is the Simon Baker of the management consultants team essentially. Kristen Bell's character is leading a double life and I'm the other half of her life, where she actually has a soul and might want to be normal, but no one knows about this.

THR: Last but not least, you're in J. Edgar.

Rady: The movie is told through J. Edgar dictating his life story to special agents in the bureau. There's three or four of us. (Rady plays Agent Jones.) J. Edgar goes through a few of these agents who are taking his dictations. I got to do a few scenes with Leo[nardo DiCaprio]. That was pretty wild. [Laughs] One of those experiences that I won't soon forget.
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:10 AM | Message # 14
Fair Dinkum
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CBS Stars to Take Over Show Twitter, Facebook Accounts
The network sets Social Sweep Week with talent posting exclusive content starting Saturday.


Following its April Tweet Week, CBS is letting the stars of its reality, comedy and drama fare take over the network's social media accounts for a week as part of its Social Sweep Week.

Stars from programs including The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS and Survivor will take over the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the show's official pages for the day.

Each morning fans can go to the Facebook and Twitter account pages -- or CBS.com -- to find out which stars from that night's programming will be posting exclusive show content, status updates and answering fan questions.

The event kicks off Saturday, Nov. 5 when CBS Sports broadcasts the No. 1-ranked LSU matchup against No. 2-ranked Alabama and continues Sunday with the NFL, Amazing Race, Good Wife and CSI: Miami.

Thursday, November 10

(Follow the link to the article if you wish to see the full schedule of shows)
Fran Date: Friday, 27-Jan-12, 1:10 AM | Message # 15
Fair Dinkum
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'The Mentalist': Does new boss Luther Wainwright have ulterior motives? Star Michael Rady explains


On tonight’s Mentalist, new boss man Luther Wainwright (Michael Rady) finds himself in a compromising position. As Patrick Jane (Simon Baker, who also served as tonight’s director) clamors to get his hands into a serial killer case, the FBI also looks to gain control of the situation, leaving newbie Wainwright in a tough spot.

“[He] struggles to do what’s right for the case, of course, but also to try and take the opportunity to use this opportunity to shed some positive attention on the CBI [California Bureau of Investigation] in lieu of all the upheaval that’s been going on from last season and the beginning of this season,” Rady says. “He really wants to take the attention that a serial killer case would bring and use it for a positive effect for the CBI.” His approach to the issue will be a revealing moment for his character, who came on this season to replace Aunjanue Ellis’ Madeleine Hightower as head of the agency.

“He’ll walk the line between his team at CBI — the people whose back he has — and also to do what’s right for the victim’s families and for the investigation,” says Rady, who previously starred in the CW’s Melrose Place reboot. “You may get a little glimpse of Luther Wainwright’s aspirations and career aspirations. Is he playing into the FBI’s hands a little bit? Is he trying to look good for them? You don’t know but you might get a little [hint], there’s a little something there.” But that’s not to say he’s a bad guy, Rady assures. “He’s definitely just trying to maintain an even keel and be truthful and transparent as he stated in the first episode.”

Being the honest new guy on a show that’s not afraid to shed some character blood is a risky feat. But guest star Rady, who is slated for a few more episodes this season, says he’s taking precautions. “It seems the bosses have a knack for coming up with crazy reasons to leave the show,” Rady jokes. “My prop guy [always] says, ‘Here, carry your gun.’ And if I’m like ‘I don’t know if I have a gun here,’ and he says, ‘Carry your gun. You’re harder to kill if you carry your gun.’”
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