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About the Site
Fran Date: Saturday, 28-Apr-12, 3:35 PM | Message # 1
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 4127
Status: Offline
TheBakerBoy is for people who want to share information and chat about Simon and his projects. It aims to provide all the latest interesting information about Simon and The Mentalist. It’s a community that’s designed to appeal to people of all ages, who admire Simon primarily as a very talented actor and a committed family man. The site operates on the principles of mutual respect and trust.

Before registering, please read the brief Site Rules:

For help with registering, please look here:

There are 2 groups of Members with different access rights:
‘Users’ - Members who choose not to participate on the site.
‘Friends’ – Members who wish to be part of the community by participating, either by commenting on News Items/Articles or by posting in the Forum.

Note that ‘Friends’ do not need to enter a security code when commenting.

Latest News (Guests, Users & Friends)
Items of interest about Simon and The Mentalist. Each item has a Comments section (not visible to Guests) and Members frequently chat about the Items.

Articles & Scripts (Guests, Users & Friends)
Over 190 documents, mainly magazine Interviews from the early 1990s to the current day. There are also a few The Mentalist scripts, and some reports from people who have met Simon.

Video Library (Guests, Users & Friends)
Split into the following sub-sections: Charity, Commercials, Interviews 1992-2009, Interviews 2010-2012, Interviews 2013-2015, Other Appearances & Special Promos. As of June 2013 there are approx 300 entries. If you find a video where the link fails, please leave a comment against the video so I can try to replace it.

- Simon / Fun / Videos Section (Users & Friends)
Simon chat including news, information and items of interest. A downloadable calendar for printing yourself. Some direct links to videos, but most posts now link to the Video Library.

- Television Series Section (Users & Friends)
Information and chat about Simon’s TV shows, The Mentalist being the most active section. Includes information from the writers on Twitter, Episode chat with Press Releases, and the occasional Poll.

- Film Appearances Section (Users & Friends)
Information and chat about Simon’s film appearances and planned projects.

- Off Topic Section (Users & Friends)
Provides an opportunity for Members to chat about other things.

- Friends Only Section (Friends)
A more private area for Site Friends to chat and share things, includes some additional photos.

Photo Gallery (Users & Friends)
As of June 2015 there are nearly 10,000 photos which are split into Sections. New photos are added as they appear.

- Out & About Section
Photos of Simon out and about from the early 1990s to the current day, divided into sub-sections by year.

- Appearances Section
Photos of Simon at official events from the early 1990s to the current day, divided into sub-sections by year.

- Screencaps & Promo Pics Section
Promotional pictures and a selection of screen captures (not full film/episode screencaps) for Simon’s film & TV appearances. Divided into sub-sections of The Guardian and each season of The Mentalist, and by year for films.

- On Set Section
Behind the scenes photos, divided into sub-sections of The Mentalist, The Guardian and Other projects.

- Photoshoots Section
Photoshoots and Magazine scans from the early 1990s to the current day, divided into sub-sections of individual Photographers by name, Magazines and Other Photoshoots.

There are Forum Member Rankings/Titles which are just a bit of fun, based on number of Forum posts. They use Aussie Slang as follows:
(<20) Blow-In : Newcomer - just arrived
(20+) Ankle Biter : small child
(40+) Jillaroo : a female trainee station manager or station hand
(80+) Surfie : person who goes surfing - usually more often than they go to work!
(100+) Cobber : friend, good mate
(150+) Dinkie-Di : Genuine - honest - the real thing
(250+) Rip Snorter : Top - great - fantastic
(500+) Bee's Knees : Tops, perfect, the best or the greatest
(750+) True Blue : Genuinely Australian - original, one of a kind, patriotic
(1000+) Fair Dinkum : Real - genuine - true
DAN54 Date: Tuesday, 25-Dec-12, 11:45 PM | Message # 2
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
How i can to get to "Photos gallery" ?? sad
thanking you
Tassie Date: Wednesday, 26-Dec-12, 6:49 PM | Message # 3
Bee's Knees
Messages: 517
Status: Offline
Hi DAN54 - on the left hand side of the Home Page under Main Menu, just click on photo gallery section and you should be ok.
Hayseed Date: Wednesday, 26-Dec-12, 7:50 PM | Message # 4
Bee's Knees
Messages: 549
Status: Offline
For what it's worth, I can't access the gallery either. It says I'm not in the right group of user.
sorchauna Date: Thursday, 27-Dec-12, 4:15 PM | Message # 5
Messages: 71
Status: Offline
That happened to me happened to me when I first joined and I asked Fran to change my group of user to allow me access which she did so no doubt if you ask her and when she gets time after the holidays she will be able to help ye out.
Fran Date: Saturday, 29-Dec-12, 3:43 PM | Message # 6
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 4127
Status: Offline
Hayseed - Welcome to the site. I see that you are already participating, so I've moved you to the 'Friends' group which gives you full access.

Dan54 - I see that you've been a member for quite a while, but as you haven't participated on the site, you are in the 'Users' group which has restricted access - sorry about that.
Hayseed Date: Sunday, 30-Dec-12, 5:23 AM | Message # 7
Bee's Knees
Messages: 549
Status: Offline
Thank you!
severine Date: Wednesday, 20-Feb-13, 8:44 AM | Message # 8
Messages: 3
Status: Offline
i like see a gallery photo wacko please i am big fan of simon baker!!!! thanks
Fran Date: Thursday, 21-Feb-13, 2:27 AM | Message # 9
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 4127
Status: Offline
severine - I sent you an email about this.
AgentM Date: Friday, 03-May-13, 2:53 PM | Message # 10
Bee's Knees
Messages: 576
Status: Offline
CONGRATULATIONS Fran on getting your 500th member!!!! hands hands You should celebrate with tea, ice cream and all the blueberry muffins in the land!! holiday icecream

You are definitely the Queen of Bak[er]ing!! Thanks for all you do for us here. It is without a doubt THE ONLY place a Baker fan should be! biggrin
Mossibecca Date: Friday, 03-May-13, 3:47 PM | Message # 11
Bee's Knees
Messages: 540
Status: Offline
Well spotted AgentM......I agree with everything you said.

All hail Queen Fran.....who has the best Baker..y in the world heart icecream king
Tina Date: Friday, 03-May-13, 5:44 PM | Message # 12
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 2065
Status: Offline
I so agree AgentM! The best place for Simon fans is here! thumb
Congrats Fran to member No. 500. And thank you so much for everything you do for us.
Tassie Date: Friday, 03-May-13, 6:19 PM | Message # 13
Bee's Knees
Messages: 517
Status: Offline
Congrats to Fran
Just want to say
This site gets better every day
Hope there are soon 500 more
To love the man we all adore.
June Date: Friday, 03-May-13, 7:06 PM | Message # 14
Bee's Knees
Messages: 585
Status: Offline
Congratulations Fran! I'm happy to be one of the 500.
bee Date: Friday, 03-May-13, 7:29 PM | Message # 15
Fair Dinkum
Messages: 1525
Status: Offline
Congratulations've made 500 Simon fans very happy. respect Here's to the next 500!!
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